Thelma Houston - "I Don’t Believe Morrissey Is Racist" - Pitchfork, Stereogum

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By Anonymous on Jan 12, 2020 at 1:41 PM
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    Original quote from Pitchfork article:

    Morrissey Announces New Album I Am Not a Dog on a Chain, Shares Song


    ...When Morrissey announced his last album, California Son, with a slate of guests, some said they had been unaware of his far-right politics. When reached for comment, a representative for Thelma Houston sent Pitchfork the following quote from the singer:

    I don’t believe Morrissey is racist. And I got involved with this track because I’ve known about his music for quite some time. Back in 2012, I was collaborating with an artist named Gabe Noel, and he suggested we try some covers. And when he mentioned a Morrissey song called ‘Suedehead,’ as soon as I heard ‘it was a good lay’ lyric - I laughed and was like… Ok let’s cut it!

    Thelma Houston Joins Morrissey On New Single, Says “I Don’t Believe Morrissey Is Racist” - Stereogum

    Morrissey isn't racist. We all know he isn't.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 12, 2020.

    1. Anonymous
      If you’d any sense, you’d have never responded. That you’ve done so confirms the sad facts and truths widely known you can’t deny.
      And when you do yet more casual homo/transphobia on a site dedicated to a gay/bi popster, you confirm yourself as a hypocrite, not to mention hinting at being a closet case yet again.
      You aren’t even at elementary stage, little boy. Hold your tongue, along with your weak and woeful petulance. You get dealt with all too easily and all too regularly. :brows:
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    2. Anonymous
      ...said the Yank twat, from behind his computer screen.

      Enlist then, bitch. You’d pup out of marine training in 30 seconds but the Sally-Ann are always looking for cunts like you to stand by the door and ring a bell.
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    3. Anonymous
      You’re a right tweaked little fuck, aren’t you?


      There are 30+ countries on the ground there, fuck-tard. I have it on reliable advisement from my 3 friends - from 3 different countries who flew down there before MURRIKKA even knew it was an issue. JUST like WWII. Last in. First to take credit.

      Stay in your lane bitch.
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    4. Anonymous
      Cornershop still outsells Melvis!
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    5. Anonymous
      Don’t engage the twat. His eyes and ears are dripping with Morrissey’s shit. Combine that with his already evident mental deficiency and you’ve got the perfect recipe for “ignore the cunt”.
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    6. Anonymous
      No. I’ll go where I please, kiddo - regardless of the fact that it makes your pussy itch.

      Melvis is a racist cunt.

      You’re a daft, wee, tube-dwelling sycophant.

      ...and free speech.

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    7. Anonymous
      31 in Poland.
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    8. Anonymous
      Top-shelf response, kiddo. One of your best.
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    9. Verso
      Morrissey is definitely racist, but not really towards black people. The Thelma Houston collaboration is such a pathetic attempt at covering his ass, though. Most unnecessary duet ever, the song is basically unlistenable.
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    10. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      To be fair, your response to his response was dire. But still one of your best. Keep it up. We’re all rooting for you.
    11. Nerak
      He should just post the wee emoji that goes round & round with its tiny arms flailing. It would give his posts more sense and variety.
    12. Nerak
      Probably a safe assumption.

      It's not heart-pounding stuff, but they were very good at structuring and evidencing an argument in those days, unlike now where 'Melvis is a racist c**t who owes money to BMG, kiddo' is apparently sufficient.
    13. Carlislebaz
      It’s been years since I’ve been called kiddo,, can we meet?
    14. Nerak
      If he was bothered about covering his ass he wouldn't say controversial things in the first place or stubbornly keep saying them.

      You can make the case that he's factional & insensitive, but that's about it.
    15. Nerak
      Lord the framing of these 'multiple controversies' - a pin for a tiny crank party founded by a Irish vegan lesbian feminist who used to work for left-wing groups & Defending Kevin Spacey & Polarizing #metoo based on a rambling conversation.

      Mountains. Molehills.
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    16. gashonthenail
      The wonderful Thelma tells the world what we already know.
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    17. Anonymous
      Yeah, sure, Thelma. Show up to the next recording session wearing a burqa or a hijab, and then we’ll talk...
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    18. Nerak
      you're being as dumb as those people who post - 'yeah, say that in Iran' or wherever.

      Religions have social mores that are sometimes in conflict with the social mores or needs of other groups & those conflicts have to be worked out - pretending it's racism helps no one.
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    19. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      I believe what Thelma said.
      You and Skinny are gonna have to decide for ya own selves.
    20. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      You would have thought he'd murdered someone with all the bad press he's had over recent yrs, rather than just having differing opinions.

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