"The Youngest Was The Most Loved" brown 7 inch


I almost bid on another item the seller has. Kindly warned by a more knowledgable person though. Bootleg.


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Someone bought it!!!

Winning bid: GBP 99.99
(approximately US $185.42)
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Re: How to avoid rip-off

Yes my dear, just reminding newer people who don't bother to do so. ;)


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i'm just wondering who would produce a bootleg of a single which isn't rare at all?

This one is on brown vinyl. The usual legit 7" is on normal black vinyl. So it's different.

At least the brown vinyl 7" is easy to recognize as a bootleg. If the seller hadn't been selling that, quite a few collectors I know would have bid on the test pressing he is also selling, because nothing about it looks like it's not the real thing... until you have it in your hands and you can compare the matrix etchings with that of a stock copy.



Yes, but the clear IB, EH did not surface over two years after the singles release.


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You're right Stephane, but when the first copys of the clear 7" of IB,EH appeared, nobody said that this is a bootleg because it's not black...

But those came out at the same time, not two years later. Imagine, for two years none of us ever hears of such an item, then all of a sudden one pops up on Ebay. We're quite a bunch of collectors hanging out here, what are the odds that this would have escaped all of us for 2 years?



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I've seen one on the record fair in Utrecht more than a year ago. Last April the UK seller still had this copy. It was overprized (more than 100 euro!) and it had all the looks of a bootleg. So, I guess the seller still has it in November.

Take care, Marcel
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