Morrissey Central "THE YOUNG KIDS GET WHAT THE OLD DON’T UNDERSTAND" (November 23, 2022)


As per Strange... thread a couple of days ago.

For non-Instagram people:

Here are some better things Central could post about:
  • Will the tour in fact resume on Nov 25?
  • Status of a redo show for the Greek show and/or ability to get refunds
  • A real update on a BOT release date
  • The release date for any BOT singles
These are some "elephant in the room" topics they could choose to address rather than the constant drivel.
Morrissey has only ever allowed yes men and yes women to work for him, whether that's bandmates or managers.

That's why we, as fans, only ever get this radio silence stuff from the Moz camp whenever there are important questions to answer. It's like he views any negativity as something he needs to distance himself from or brush under the carpet. It's a really immature way of dealing with things.

The walk off at the Greek Theatre, for instance. You cannot just walk off the stage (and in doing so end the show) with no explanation to the fans or your bandmates. Having to cut short a gig because your voice is giving up, or because you feel unwell, is obviously sad. But if he had simply said as much to the audience, or whispered it to Alain or Jesse for them to relay to the crowd (with Morrissey remaining on stage as they did so) then it would have been a far more respectful way to end the evening and no rational human being could have criticised him.

Morrissey Central could then have immediately issued guidance on refunds or the possibility of a rescheduled show, as well as reiterating the on stage apology. Morrissey would not have lost any face in doing so. But instead, there was not a peep about the aborted Greek Theatre show on the Morrissey Central site. Not good enough.

In what universe is this acceptable? Does Morrissey think he's doing us a favour by turning up at gigs, and that if the gig cannot complete then 'oh well, too bad'? Are we just meant to be grateful he turned up at all? Again, not good enough. He is a professional singer. People pay to go and see him. If he cannot finish a gig, an explanation and an apology are the least we deserve.

He could have done himself a favour in his career by showing some humility from time to time and hiring a manager who is willing to tell him to shape up when necessary. He is still friends with Chrissie Hynde, I believe. I have always felt she's a pretty no nonsense type of person who loves Morrissey but probably isn't afraid of telling him when he's in the wrong. And I also think that Morrissey is probably receptive to that. But when it comes to his professional life, he seems unable to allow a strong character like that to help guide his career, and that has been to his detriment.
One of the most influential independent artists and songwriters of the past 40 years, and this is the state of his professional life. It’s sad beyond words.
Just finished watching introducing Morrissey from 95. All the hugs and kisses at the end, thats how we all feel really. Thats why we are always coming back for more. Just enjoy the ride 🫶🏻 and may it last for as many years as possible x
Oh my. That video is just awful on every level. Social services should remove the kid from the household & never allow his abusive father in the same state as him again.

Also, the more I hear I Am Veronica, the more I can’t stand it.
I cringed so hard I shat my pants.

The kid looks like he could be in an ad for Balenciaga. :squiffy:
No, that's not difficult.

I can have a suspicion, but I can’t know. Just like we can’t know for sure it isn’t Morrissey posting this dreck on the website. People think it’s Rayner, but that’s just an educated guess.

It’s possible for a kid his age to genuinely like Morrissey, and most of our pre-adolescent endeavors are cringe-worthy like this one is. If there’s an adult hand behind it, all the worse.
its probably just meant to be fun. even if it's the dads idea, the kid probably enjoys it. not my cuppa tea, though.
This "fan video" should also be used as the official video of the studio version. Maybe Capitol has a little budget left, to ad lil' Sam from the Suedehead video, Fi and the father of the child by a professional producer to complement the Morrissey "fan family" and not land a sure hit.
Well, we have this video of a child singing Morrissey's song about...... which seems to be about a prostitute and random references to animals, people will love it.
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The kid with specs is 1984 Morrissey and the other one is Morrissey 2022
A breath of fresh air, after the Richard Littlejohn article.

Nevertheless, it puts a little bit of uncomfortable spotlight on the kid—Morrissey putting this on his official website, when people might be looking for ‘remedies’.

This is perhaps the sort of thing that should go up when everything else is going ‘right’ on planet Morrissey (I accept those windows are narrow).
I’m so bored by ‘I Am Veronica’. Can’t he release another song off the album to keep interest up?

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