Morrissey Central "THE YOUNG KIDS GET WHAT THE OLD DON’T UNDERSTAND" (November 23, 2022)


As per Strange... thread a couple of days ago.

For non-Instagram people:


Lujissey.Moz is like this

Uh poor boy!! It's a bit heavy. I think it is not funny, if it were funny is fine, but has no talent, I find it a bit burdensome with Moz


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It would be better for Morrissey not to have any official internet presence at all than maintain his "Morrissey Central" blog. Each update is more cringe than the next, this one being a low watermark. For his nephew (or whoever runs that blog) to post every instance of a Morrissey bumper sticker spotted in suburbia, or a passing mention on social media is an embarrassment for an artist who has been a mainstay in the industry for 40 years. It's clear Morrissey no longer has interest in any semblance of quality control related to him or his brand, but allowing this website to continue as it is damages whatever is left of his credibility. Whoever runs this site has no experience in public relations, or even basic marketing. The site is a sad metaphor for modern day Morrissey, refusal to adapt with shifting times, a shockingly low level of quality control, defiantly lazy, and completely out of touch with the tempo of his fanbase.


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Here are some better things Central could post about:
  • Will the tour in fact resume on Nov 25?
  • Status of a redo show for the Greek show and/or ability to get refunds
  • A real update on a BOT release date
  • The release date for any BOT singles
These are some "elephant in the room" topics they could choose to address rather than the constant drivel.

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As per Strange... thread a couple of days ago.

For non-Instagram people:

Good for the little kid, getting to be with is a hero
(or being used by his father, you decide )

The other way of reading M's comment and the pictures that go with them is
"Well, at least young easily manipulated children with zero judgment like me, even if adults with logic and reason and a lifetime of seeing from liars don't "
The funny thing is in 5 years, those same kids probably won't give a shit about M. They will get in to hip hop, dub, or The Clash or simply be gamers watching YouTubers



It’s the same kid as in Fremont. What a hero!

I reckon there’s nothing heroic about this little sheep doing whatever his dad forces him to do or else be beaten and forced to eat beef tubes nnnnnnnnnnit mate

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