the worst song lyrics ... ever

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Some quality shittiness here.

My personal faves are Depeche Mode Everything Counts:

The handshake seals the contract
From the contract there's no turning back
The turning point of a career
In Korea being insincere
The holiday was fun-packed
The contract still intact

Sting Russians:

Believe me when I say to you,
I hope the Russians love their children toooooo...

Derek B- Bad Young Brother (crap late 80s UK hip hop artiste...)

Up above she had basketballs
And down below
Was like Niagara Falls

MacArthur PArk- Richard Harris

McArhur Park is melting in the dark and I dont think that I can take it,
cos it took so long to bake it
and I may never have that recipe again...

Snap- Rhythm Is A Dancer

I'm as serious as cancer
When I say that
Rhythm Is A Dancer

Life Is Life - Opus

Life (nanananana)
Life is life (nanananana)
Labadab dab dab life (nanananana)
Liiiiiiiife (nanananana)

And you call when it's over
You call it should last
Every minute of the future
Is a memory of the past
Cause we all gave the power
We all gave the best
And everyone gave everything
And every song everybody sang

Life is life

(Reminds me of hanign round Colchester avenue Industrial Estate at 10 up to no good!!!! Singing this anarchaic anthem)


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Those lyrics are truly so awful they're funny. I always thought the des'ree one was hilariously hideous. I know a few swedish ones that top them though.

(I thought it was "Live is Life". about singing live. either way it's a shitty song :D I associate it with riding competitions, they always played it during victory laps in the 90's. )

Well I Wonder

Now, Today, Tomorrow.....
that piece of Crap by some Osborne girl "What if God was One of Us". Highly cringeworthy. She managed to rhyme Phone with Rome and then Alone.

Brilliant chicken.............
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