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Johan de Witt

Senior Member

People have asked me to also do a 'worst Moz-song ever' contest, so here it is :)

The songs have been selected based on their performance in the 14 rounds of Moz-polls we've had. The worst performing songs are in this final.

Some songs here I actually quite like (Oh Well I'll Never Learn, East West, America...) but then, that's probably a good thing.


sober and in celibacy
Do we Need to have this poll? It's so negative:p

Anyway.. Great work with your polls Johan... Looking forward to 'the best smiths song ever':)

The Youngest

doesn't eat his friends
Where the hell is King Leer? That is the ULTIMATE worst Moz song! :D
It's making me cringe just thinking about it! :p


A Hostage To Kindness
What on earth is America Is Not The World doing in there? It surely doesn't deserve it. :(


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I would have voted for At amber but since it's not in the poll, let's say :

Get off the stage
Heir apparent
Papa Jack


the sad punk
Hey I never heard " you've had her "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Goat

Where is the awful 'Munich' song?

......and I'm not just saying that because I'm a City fan either! It's just not a very good at all song - so I have abstained from voting.
Interlude, by the way, in my opinion is a belter.

Not sure on the choice of songs selected based on low votes on the best of polls. These songs could have been everyone's second or third favourites but we only had one vote!

The Goat


erm...I kinda like 'America is Not the World" :( LOVE it in fact...


Senior Member
It's a tossup which song is the more embarrassing "Journalists who lie" or "Get off the stage". I think I'd go for Journalists who lie. It's truly appalling.

Manic Rose

Girlfriend In A Coma
journalists who lie, margaret on the guillotine and i'll never learn

but where was sorrow will come in the end?!


the sad punk
Does anybody want to upload ' you've had her ' for me please?


Junior Member
I really like America is not the world. And I LOVE Margaret on the guillotine...
Bengali on the platforms should be here though. Awful song.


Hot Ice Cube

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