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I'm really quite confused for Morrissey's appreciation of the cover of "The World Won't Listen". Of course I understand that he would be aggrieved when the artwork was changed for the CD version which used just the central head-shot of the original : "The side view of a blow-fish face looks stingy and paltry - a cheapened version of the album sleeve". Morrissey included the original sleeve in Autobiography

I don't really 'get' what was so great about the original. Is it the haircuts he likes? The youthfulness? There's really only one face that can be seen properly and that's puffed out. Maybe my dislike of it was related to the sudden introduction of a group photo rather than a single 'cover-star'. Also, when I originally bought it, I had the cassette rather than the LP so I couldn't really love the sleeve - just as Morrissey hated the way it was cropped

Is this a mystery to others or do people love the sleeve?

Wikipedia says: "The sleeve was designed by Morrissey, using a photo by Jürgen Vollmer from the book Rock 'N' Roll Times: The Style and Spirit of the Early Beatles and Their First Fans."

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Also the people on the back cover looked like female versions of The Smiths. It is quite uncanny.
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