The Woody Show YT: Greenday interview (Morrissey mention)

Good times. Morrissey rarely disappoints at being Morrissey
They tried makin' Billie Joe feel shameful for workin' with Moz on Wedding Bell Blues back when it got released.
Didn't work with Billie Joe though, cause the guy's got some gristle.
That's why Moz gave him a hug and cracked some jokes with'em.
Greenday discuss their (26 minute long) new album and upcoming tour with Weezer & Fall Out Boy.
Morrissey mentioned at 8:07.


He got his tan basking in the light of Mozzers talent.
It's too positive for many posts from skinny/surface/nut job etc.
I thought everyone who worked with Moz on the CS album had made a big mistake, working with such a hardcore "racist". Well Billy Joe doesn't think so. Where's all the media quoting him like they did that girl Laura who made her P C comments about it being such a mistake?
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