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    The Woking Dead Come For Morrissey - Human Events
    Morrissey, anti-establishment rock star, is ironically doomed to be eaten by the Left’s very own flesh eaters, because he just happens to like freedom.
    By AJ Rice

    Could someone post the full article please?


    The Woking Dead Come For Morrissey

    By A. J. Rice

    Morrissey, anti-establishment rock star, is ironically doomed to be eaten by the Left’s very own flesh eaters, because he just happens to like freedom.
    A lifelong subversive rocker, Steven Patrick Morrissey – iconoclast rock star, radical vegan, and animal rights activist – has sworn off eating living things but is now doomed to be eaten by the “woke” European Left.

    The woking dead should slow down if they’re capable of it. They’re about to lurch into French Revolution territory and take down one of their own.

    Today’s woke mafia, essentially Maoist and French Revolutionary in character, runs its social media Reign of Terror against anyone who is insufficiently alive to its narrow, reactionary, and mostly ignorant view of the world. They understand no nuance. They ignore all context. What they do not understand, they smother to death.

    You’ve probably seen headlines about Morrissey recently. You can’t read a music site without running across several hand-wringing articles about what an awful person Morrissey has become. They are going after Morrissey because he thinks thoughts the wokes don’t like.

    His latest sin was wearing a “For Britain” pin on NBC’s The Tonight Show.

    This crusade against Morrissey is tragi-comic.

    He isn’t Ted Nugent, living on a Texas compound and hunting game with high-caliber rifles. He isn’t even Alice Cooper, who long ago became a Christian but keeps up the ghoul act on stage for his fans. He’s not Gene Simmons, who spent the 1970s and 80s dressed up as a devil and fostering the worst sorts of rumors about him to build his fan base but is a teary-eyed conservative American and Israeli patriot now.

    Morrissey didn’t leave the left. The left left him.

    Morrissey is and always has been a non-conformist.

    He’s left wing, sexually fluid, subversive, iconoclastic, vegan, and an animal rights activist.

    He was all that when he burst onto the punk rock and new wave scene back in the early 1980s, fronting edgy bands that were too hot for radio.

    He did a cover of “I Want a Boy for My Birthday” – that was transgressively transsexual – in 1982. He named his major band “The Smiths” to celebrate “the ordinary folk” with an ordinary name. He questioned “Americanization” during the Reagan and Thatcher years. The Smiths went on to record subversive albums with names like The Queen is Dead – he’s born to Irish immigrants and a British subject – and songs like “Vicar in a Tutu,” “Frankly, Mr. Shankly,” “Meat is Murder”, and the band’s biggest hit, “Bigmouth Strikes Again.” That title headlines the woke music media’s most unimaginitive articles about him now. Morrissey says politically incorrect things. “Bigmouth Strikes Again!” Get it?

    After The Smiths broke up, Morrissey continued on in songs like “Margaret on the Guillotine” – about Margaret Thatcher.

    In other words, Morrissey was woke before most of you were even born. Colleges and universities started teaching courses about his lyrics. Will they any longer?

    Morrissey’s big mouth is in trouble now because he isn’t a fan of unaccountable Eurocrats, or unrestricted immigration from the more reactionary parts of the Islamic world, and he isn’t afraid to say so. He supports Brexit. He likes being British. He opposes London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan as he wraps himself in the Union Jack.

    He questions #MeToo, with the novel idea that due process is worth preserving. Morrissey questions authority just as he always has – but now he questions the left’s authority, to control speech and thought and de-platform and destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

    He’s paying the price now that the revolution he pioneered has turned against him.

    Merseyrail in Liverpool has pulled down posters advertising his latest record, California Son. That record is getting panned by the music press. Record stores, including Britain’s oldest and largest, are refusing to sell his music. Whatever happened to rock ‘n’ roll rebellion? His answer: “It’s very Third Reich, isn’t it?”

    He’s still available on Amazon, but for how long?

    The woking dead are so narrow-minded and unable to separate the man from his art they say they can’t listen to any of Morrissey’s music anymore.

    Conservatives have had to make this separation for decades, as most musicians and actors bash everything we believe in and denounce us as -phobes and racists of every kind. There’s nothing so predictably left as one of today’s rock idols appearing on Jimmy Fallon. But we watch and we listen and let the art stand on its own. So, anti-Morrissey wokes – welcome to our world. And grow up. Conservatives who came of age in Morrissey’s heyday with the Smiths enjoyed his wickedly funny and crafty lyrics, despite his politics at the time.

    Nor has the snowflake left stopped to ponder why Morrissey takes the stands he’s taking now.

    He believes in individual freedom of thought and expression, as the left once claimed to. He believes in accountable government that responds to the people it’s supposed to serve, as the left once claimed to. He believes in the creative arts, as the left once claimed to. He sees Great Britain as a protector of these

    Many of the uncounted immigrants from the Islamic world, whom the wokes unquestioningly support, believe in none of those things. They march through the streets of London toting signs saying “Behead those who insult Mohammed,” and too often they act on that – killing the Charlie Hebdo satirists in France and a soldier on the streets of London itself, and beheading journalists and hikers from Afghanistan to Syria to Morocco.

    In America, Somali refugee turned Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar regularly trashes the nation that generously took her in, and the left applaud her for it. The wokes have become a toxic cocktail of indulgence, ignorance and intolerance – and while they don’t see that, Morrissey does.

    Morrissey sees the wokes and the left as weak on human freedom because they are. He sees them as unappreciative of living in the West because they are. The left is making alliances with ever more radical and reactionary elements including old-line communists and radical Islamists.

    The left is increasingly authoritarian and dismissive of everyday concerns that animate “the Smiths” of the world. They care much more about intersectionality than jobs and taxes. They despise men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson despite the freedoms they won for us, because they were human and men of their times.

    Morrissey ought to serve as an object lesson for anyone on the left today. Question them and, no matter what left-wing causes you’ve advocated and for how many decades you’ve advocated them, they will turn on you and they will cast you out or cannibalize you.

    But object lessons require some awareness of facts beyond wokeness. So Morrissey’s career demise, if it comes to that, will happen in vain. The woke revolutionaries will have their Robespierre, dead as far his career is concerned, and will eventually all turn on and devour each other."

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jun 8, 2019.

    1. reelfountain
    2. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      I saw Chas and Dave just before the singer Chas died. I'm grateful for that. That was my culture.
    3. reelfountain
      They're my culture too. Glad you seen them before his death.
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    4. Anonymous
      Americans are always more right wing than the UK. So any brit agreeing with American politic is suspect.

      Are you American?
    5. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      And by that, I don't mean ignorance or yobbishness or the things that are typically associated these days with working class culture because the working class weren't all like that in the past......it wasn't all the stereotypes people associate with white working culture.......which is of course, one of the attractions that was Moz, in the beginning.
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    6. The Truth
      The Truth
      If you spray so.
    7. reelfountain
      Meanwhile in London... a member of the LGBT movement gets enriched.

    8. Anonymous
      @ The Moderators/admin Do your fucking job!
    9. Anonymous
      @ David You banned me for posting Morrissey videos on here. Yet that's ^ ok?

      You're still full of shit.
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    10. Anonymous
      Truly disturbing. Would rather live in a city of gay people than of middle eastern people. Muslims cant live and let live. Everyone needs to die in their eyes. You are totally screwed England and you used to be the toast of the town.
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    11. reelfountain
      This picture is a fact of life. It's what happens to gay people in Muslim countries. In line with Sharia law, they are hurled to the their deaths off tall buildings. And currently the left is doing all it can to change England's demographics to predominantly Muslim. Already Mohammed is England's No. 1 boy's name. So expect this kind of thing in the future.

      This is one of the reasons why Morrissey supports For Britain. He is anti-hate, but gets accused of the opposite by the herd-like liberal left that has long lost all its common sense.
    12. Morrissey_Sucks
      After reading the comments on this topic, I see how Morrissey is still able to sell 5,000 copies in the UK upon the first week release of his album.

      His fan base in the UK are the ones hearing and embracing his racist dog whistle. Mostly stupid bigots and racists who are too weak to admit what they really are and speak in terms of fear and ignorance. Good grief. The EU will be better off with out the UK. Just go already.
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    13. Morrissey_Sucks
      Hahahahahaha. Yes. The left’s goal is to create a Muslim majority. For fuck’s sake, the stupidity of some Morrissey fans is beyond belief. Let me guess, you don’t have one single Muslim friend, do you? Do you? I can already tell the answer is no. Because mate, you’re ignorant beyond belief.
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    14. reelfountain
      The UK will leave... then the rest will follow until the imperialistic EU is a distant memory.

      Bring it on!

      The bigots, racists and homo-haters in European countries mostly consist of the Muslim "refugees" and their growing offspring that you champion.
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    15. reelfountain
      Forget platitudes about having 'friends' - it is not individuals I am referring to. It is demographics. It is one culture gathering enough numbers to replace the host culture. Too complicated for you to comprehend no doubt...
    16. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      In these times, there should be some fear. Being welcoming and tolerent didn't help the people at the Manchester Arena or the Bataclan. It's not about being racist, it's about being realistic to the problems that we have created in our own society. To think that this country or indeed Europe is a better place because of mass immigration from Africa and the Middle-East is to bury your head in the sand. For every 1000 lovely immigrants, there's going to be one that wants to either blow you up or knife you. For me, those odds are unacceptable.
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    17. reelfountain
      Liberals are similar to Muslims in that they have ideological beliefs that no amount of reality can penetrate.
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    18. Anonymous
      I don't live in a world that is racist label driven. Europe's weird racism label society is worse than the Salem witch hunt. *bangs head against wall* why , why why is Europe obsessed with racism??oh ya part of the Globalism propaganda. Btw. In USA I have actually only heard the word maybe a handful of times in my life because it really doesnt exist as much as you are obsessed with.
    19. Morrissey_Sucks

      And Mohammad is number 10 in all of the UK fool.


      And that’s because in Arabic and the Muslim world there are just a handful of names that most boys are named.

      Muslims make up 5% of the UK population and less than 2% of new babies are named Mohammad in the UK. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopula...irths/bulletins/babynamesenglandandwales/2017

      That’s not strange or scary. Simple fool! Get your facts straight. Learn.
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    20. Anonymous
      Spoken like a true narcissist. ...an insufferable “shit-stain”, if you will.

      Carry on then.
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