The Windfall - Manchester band I think Mozzer fans will love


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Id recommend listening to "Just Like Old Times" and "Ghostown" first....


The Windfall are a Folk-Rock band based in Manchester. Though the band's origins date back to late 2004 with founding members Rob Pollard(vocals), Stephen Gill(guitar) and Jordan Bullman(bass), the band as it would be recognised today formed in Nov 2006 after the arrival of Loveday King (joining Rob on lead vocals), Jordan Marsland(rhythm guitar) and Damon Steed(drums). As early influences evolved the group became heavily influenced by the 60's, with particular reference to the San Francisco scene that exported bands such as Jefferson Airplane, and also the English "Acid Folk-Rock" of the late 60's, including Fairport Convention.

Damon Steed left in the summer of 07 and was replaced by Steve Reidy, who aced his audition. Another addition to the band was made that summer in the form of Dave Hatch, a friend of the band, a superb guitarist and 'spiritual/musical advisor' to the group; he was invited on-board to play lead guitar with Gill.


I'll pass on these. They just didn't do it for me?
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