the "viva hate is leaving" appreciation thread

I know what I can write my memoir about! my long history of obsessive behaviour. im a very obsessive girl, I don't know if any of you have noticed. these are all harmless non-scary obsessions though, nothing that would make you think "this is a bit icky", but it's something that's characterized my life, given it colour, often my obsessions act as Archimedean points to induce action in someone who would otherwise question what is the point of doing anything. like, take neil, ive started making a concentrated effort to read because of him, and when my obsession with him dissipates, as they always do, the books will remain strewn on my floor and I will have long since forgotten what the point was in reading them. my current obsession with neil will form the timeline for the book, with it's beginning and it's eventual end (they always do end which isn't to say that I stop liking the person, just that they become tucked away in the shelves of my brain with all the other people--famous, dead, whatever--that ive loved madly over the years), and will form a base for me to talk about my history of suchlike behaviour, beginning in grade six when I didn't go to school at all but sat around all day with a picture of david bowie I cut out of a newspaper in my jeans pocket. this will also provide a way for me to talk, not only about the people ive loved, and the inadequacies of the people around me, but also about me, and my own psychology which I have always found infinitely fascinating and which I am quite convinced others will too.

well there!
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