"The Very Best of Morrissey" listed on Amazon UK (Mar. 28)

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By davidt on Feb 3, 2011 at 11:30 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 3, 2011.

    1. mexico
      i hope its like a anthology
    2. johnnymarr
      Maybe it will be a "Best Of" the other Best of Collections.
    3. mexico
    4. billybu69
      Makes me think it's a uk only release......for now.
    5. Phranc & Open
      Phranc & Open
      I had a dream last night "Sharp bend, fast car, goodbye" & "Stay as you are" were the b-sides for the various "Glamorous Glue" formats and that Morrissey (in accordance with EMI) is finally aware of what the fans need when they should buy a 19 year old song. Then my cat walked all over me, I awoke and cried.....
      This night I hope it's gonna be the live rehearsal of the Kinks cover "Harry Rag" and the Suede cover of "My insatiable one" from 1992 that will haunt my dreams. Makes more sense!
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    6. Anonymous
      The more I think about it, the more I am sadly convinced that this isn't some record company grab-bag, but a Morrissey instigated product. As much as I like Glamorous Glue, would ANYONE sane include it on 'The Very Best of Morrissey' album? No - they'd just chuck on the usual collection of singles. The only person perverse enough to include Glamorous Glue is the same person who included I Just Want to See The Boy Happy on 'Greatest Hits'. And that's Morrissey himself.
    7. Anonymous
      Perhaps this best of will bring some tour dates!
    8. Anonymous
      Why would a very best compilation have unreleased material moron?
    9. sycophantic_slag

      I feel your message has unfair criticism. "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" is a terrific single, and the critics agree on this--(Please refer to wikipedia under the title of the single). I believe that IJWTSTBH is an underrated single--it was poorly promoted in the U.S. This song is one of the strongest singles from "Ringleader"--it is a Morrissey classic. I love it--the video is awesome, too. Why do you not feel it is appropriate for a compilation?
    10. Karl Pilkington
    11. MozVegan9
      I also agree. "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" is even more awesome live.
    12. Anonymous
      I can't believe anyone dispassionately compiling a 'Greatest Hits' album would include something like 'Boy Happy' at the expense of something like 'Interesting Drug', which was a Top 10 hit in a time when you actually had to sell a decent number of records to actually have a hit record.

      The fact that 'Greatest Hits' featured 8 songs from only 2 albums just reinforces how skewed it is - no-one but Morrissey could claim (with a straight face) that it was a genuine career 'best of'.

      Likewise - who, when given the task of compiling a 'Very Best of Morrissey' would chose a relatively obscure album track like 'Glamorous Glue'? Regardless of whether it's a good song or not, I still think the only person that would do that would be Morrissey himself.
    13. Anonymous
      I heard about "The Really Very Best of Morrissey" but no "TVBoM"... plop
    14. Anonymous
      I'm still waiting for the worst...fingers crossed the book will be out soon!
    15. Anonymous
      We all have different favourites, and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to musical taste, but if you think Boy Happy is a terrific single, you're in a tiny minority.
      Just look, below, at where it came in the biggest ever survey of Morrissey singles:

      Best Morrissey-single:

      1) Everyday Is Like Sunday 9,57
      2) Suedehead 9,55
      3) Now My Heart Is Full (US Only) 9,55
      4) The Last Of The Famous International Playboys 9,46
      5) November Spawned A Monster 9,08
      6) The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get 8,99
      7) Irish Blood, English Heart 8,97
      8) First Of The Gang To Die 8,96
      9) Tomorrow (US only) 8,87
      10) Piccadilly Palare 8,83
      11) Let Me Kiss You 8,54
      12) I Have Forgiven Jesus 8,47
      13) Hold On To Your Friends 8,42
      14) Sunny 8,41
      15) My Love Life 8,39
      16) Interesting Drug 8,34
      17) We Hate It When Our Friends Become Succesful 8,22
      18) Boxers 8,20
      19) You Have Killed Me 8,14
      20) Sing Your Life 8,01
      21) The Boy Racer 7,97
      22) Alma Matters 7,95
      23) Satan Rejected My Soul 7,86
      24) Certain People I Know 7,85
      25) Ouija Board, Ouija Board 7,75
      26) Our Frank 7,74
      27) In The Future When All’s Well 7,66
      28) You’re The One For Me Fatty 7,38
      29) That’s How People Grow Up 7,37
      30) Pregnant For The Last Time 7,35
      31) The Youngest Was The Most Loved 7,30
      32) Interlude 7,26
      33) I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 7,17 34)
      Redondo Beach 6,93
      35) Roy’s Keen 6,85
      36) Dagenham Dave 6,81
    16. Anonymous
      I think it was well-established at the time of its release that Greatest Hits did, in fact, include Morrissey's biggest chart successes (i.e., his first three singles, The More You Ignore Me..., and the singles from his more-recent comeback). No one claimed that Greatest Hits was a "Best of Morrissey" - only his greatest hits.

      On the other hand, might "The Very Best of Morrissey" simply be a slightly-altered repackaging of Rhino's "Best of Morrissey" from about a decade ago - which included Glamorous Glue. This one, obviously, couldn't contain the non-EMI tracks like Alma Matters, however.
    17. No. 27
      No. 27
      He is being a hypocritical cunt again. You should try to recognise that fact.
    18. KingKongLeer
      Another compilaion is so sad that last night I dreamt that Morrissey was actually going to release a new studio album called "Straightforward Jamie"

      The track list would be:

      Neighbor Attack - 2.58
      Bulimic Diana - 2.12
      I Am Going Back To Nowhere I Came From - 5.14
      Abominable Houseguest - 3.43
      Girl In The Attic - 4.02
      I Met Freud - 2.15

      The Man Who Loved Men - 6.37
      Fast-appearing Doubt - 2.43
      He Went Shopping For Seven Inches - 3.18
      Long Awaited Lover - 3.12
      I Want To Sleep - 4.17
      Straightforward Jamie - 5.54

      The first single would definetely be "Abominable Houseguest" b-sided by " Whalley Range" and "I Will Just Grab A Cup Of Coffee"

      There would be three more singles from the album:

      Bulimic Diana, b-sided by "Tommy" ( cover) and "My Wish Is To Become A Star"

      I Want To Sleep , b-sided by "I Am Standing By The Edge Of A Saturn Ring" and "Girl Splash"

      Neighbor Attack , b-sided by "Nope,I Do Not Do That" and "I Smelled Bully"
    19. Anonymous DAVIE (?)
      Anonymous DAVIE (?)
      I know that's what I thought!
      I don't understand why he's releasing his 10 millionth greatest hits though! :lol:
    20. Stoned
      This coming week there must be some sort of news from Moz via TTY: if the news is true at all, it is only just over a month away. I looked up the news section on TTY and Moz announced officially both Everyday..and Bona Drag well over a month before the official release. Unless he is not giving his blessing and just ignore it all....
      Cheers Moz

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