"The Very Best of Morrissey" listed on Amazon UK (Mar. 28)

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 3, 2011.

By davidt on Feb 3, 2011 at 11:30 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 3, 2011.

    1. Stefan Krix
      Stefan Krix
    2. Stoned
      Let's hope to get some kind of news from the man himself via TTY fairly soon.
      Cheers Moz
    3. MozVegan9
      I don't really mind anything that Morrissey wants to put out.
      I just really hope it has some unreleased Years of Refusal like:
      "Action Man",
      "Teresa, Teresa",
      "When I Was Young",
      "I Was Bully, Do Not Forget Me",
      and "I'm Looking Forward to Going Back"
      Or from You Are The Quarry:
      "Home Is A Question Mark"
    4. Kewpie
      EMI does not own the recordings and the copy right.

      Someone reported that according to Boz, they didn't complete the recordings of some songs mentioned above.
    5. MozVegan9
      Really? Thanks for the info.

      I was really hoping they existed. Really great song titles.
    6. Biggoof009
      I just hiope the usual 4-5-6 usual songs dont end up on it.
    7. celibate
      singles like Pregnant fir the last time, love life, taat's entertainment, maybe
      some Kill Uncle b-sudes or Arsenal.

      I'm a sucker for live tracks if there's even 1 on it, it a buy, ever with sunday:lb:

      [damn quoted on the wrong person]
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    8. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      celibate,youre my fave
    9. Anonymous
      Hopefully it gets the standard half a dozen different format releases, or preferably more. Of course if we're really lucky iTunes will have a super bogus material edition with additional live tracks and/or interview. Not to mention; limited to just 1000 copies, there'll be the Exclusive Super Deluxe Momento Box Extortionate Limited Edition C/W t-shirt, postcards, lithograph thingy and discarded piece of toilet paper. Great when you've got £200 just burning a hole in your pocket. I'd be gutted to miss out on that but then again I suppose we can always steal it off the internet!
    10. celibate
      for me writing errors :)

      underrated sings on Kill uncle like Our Frank and Mute Witness live, say 5 tracks
      from the first tour, plus some b-sides and the mentioned songs

      Lately some Arenal songs are again DL from me PC om me cell phone , Tomorrow
      for 1, Seasick yet still docked

      I just heard the songs too much, now on the right moment, Glamorous Glue plus
      the very best of Morrissey [from EMI Morrissey released albums, so to Vauxhall a bit
      sad cause Boxers or/and Sunny would've suited [shall look, me thinks they're EMI]
      or the allready the Southpaw Grammar red label [3 letters] Maladjusted was BMG

      last 2 Labelsa are tsken over if I'm right, which I think I'm not, even about Sunny/Boxers...to hasty to go ' the' room to check, though Mozipedia must be around somwhere reachable, anyway I hope some creative ' Very best part?'
    11. Karl Pilkington
      Karl Pilkington
      No need to get all worked up and start quoting Vulgar Picture. It's only a CD - if you don't want it, don't buy it. If it introduces some new fans to his music then no harm done.
    12. Anonymous
      It's revaluate the songs...
    13. CunnyCJ
      Too true, I've been in some modern record stores where there are no Morrissey 'Best Of's, the man has been from pillar to post with the record industry, so there's no harm in repackaging his material for a younger generation, and if anyone else doesn't want to buy it then fair enough!
    14. Anonymous
      i will still buy it just for the collction.these companies need money in these difficult times,they will rehash every artist given the chance.
    15. Anonymous
      I Know. actually it's not revalueate, it's re-evaluate and it's also re-issue re-package re-package...it was a contradiction of the line in the original song which was trying to suggest that this was the first time the songs on this new album had been released.
    16. Anonymous
      There's no listing on Amazon
    17. Dave2006
      It's not on Amazon.com - it's just on .co.uk - makes me think it's a database error...

    18. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Listed on Passions now...
    19. Stoned
      I really hope you are right Dave , IMHO to have another very best of doesn't look right at the moment.
      Cheers Moz
    20. Dave2006
      Does Stephane know something that we don't, or is he being ultra efficient?

      Mind you, Amazon.co.uk is listing both Very Best and Glamorous Glue as both CD and Vinyl...

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