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By Irish Budd on Mar 6, 2011 at 12:00 AM
  1. Irish Budd

    Irish Budd Oh well.Enough said.

    Aug 16, 2006
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    1. BWM
      The very best photo taken from Morrissey Shot by Linder Sterling
    2. sycophantic_slag
      Both outstanding choices for cover art! I can't wait!!! These are treasures! Genius!
    3. michou
      Nice pictures !
    4. chrisarclark
      shouldve used less obscure photos.... sucha pointless release. if you want fans to rediscover the early tunes, do proper re-releases of Viva Hate, Kill Uncle, Your Arsenal and Vauxhall And I remastered and including b-sides and outtakes like Pulp did with HNH, DC and TIH (but vexingly did not with WLL)- the re-releases of Bona Drag, Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted had the right idea, but were poorly executed.
    5. fastpulseboy
    6. Sharron Needles
      Sharron Needles
      Great photo of him in the bath at the Sunset Marquis, don't know how I feel about the yellow/sepia tone though?
    7. roky
      They shouldn't of cropped the cherry placed on the tub. That, to me was one of the best parts of the photo.
    8. celibate
      Re: Article: "The Very Best of Morrissey" and "Glamorous Glue" sleeves - true-to-you.

      nice one, I love the Leicester[?] where his shirt is pulled by someone from stage

      the real one in the book is better, the yellow ruins it.

      and [ don't gonna check between me stuff] if me memory if well, you see
      Linder taking the pic , behind the tub is a huge mirror

      [or I'm mistaken by the dressroom pic in NY]

      1 thing, Morrissey didn't aprove, so I'm curious why they can use the
      pic, I'm fairly sure if Morrissey is against, Linder would also

      this whole new minor major [EMI] deal is confusing, cause Morrissey is against

      anyone care to elobarate, or in the know:confused:
    9. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      AMAAZING. Finally some beautiful cover art!!
    10. Anonymous
      'Celibate' - where on Earth are you getting the idea that Morrissey is against this release?
      He obviously fully approves it, otherwise he'd be telling people not to buy it on True to Yoy, not giving it publicity.
      Plus the tracklisting is so eccentric it's obvious that it was compiled by Morrissey himself, rather than the record company.
    11. Amy
      Re: Article: "The Very Best of Morrissey" and "Glamorous Glue" sleeves - true-to-you.

      I'm surprised you can decipher anything "Celibate" says, really. I'm usually lost by the third sentence.
    12. B.Johnson
      Troll / flamebait:
      Steven you can stuff it up your arse for nothing and fuck off while you're doing it!
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    13. Anonymous
      The one in the bath is just cruel!!
    14. romeogirl
      Thank you, M. Welcome news. Cheers.
    15. sixluis
      Does anyone know where to preorder these? I dont wanna miss out on my MOZ!!!:eek:
    16. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "The Very Best of Morrissey" and "Glamorous Glue" sleeves - true-to-you.

      Agghhh... those hairy legs and the tongue "action", it'd be heaven to join him there!
    17. celibate
      Re: Article: "The Very Best of Morrissey" and "Glamorous Glue" sleeves - true-to-you.

      There, its in yer reply above

      Morrissey is against buying it, cause he won't get paid

      As written also, his last payment from EMI [parlophone/reprise]
      was in 1992

      Beethoven is Deaf 1993 and Vauxhall & I 1994 were also released by the above mentioned company

      so Amy, now more than 3 lines lines further, where's the drivel?

      each one has opinion, so do I, and I'm too hasty and Dutch so yes
      I'm aware of me spelling errors, but where were you in 1983?

      sorry anonymous if someone says not to buy it, me thinks he's not
      happy with the release

      or is that driver too Amy?

      what the hell have I ever done, to get sucha childish

      don't answer, please put me, or anyone who don't wanna read me on a ignore list
      so the problem is solved

      backstabbing flaming, get a bit tired of them, well I'm almost 46,
      could be the midlife crisis:crazy:
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    18. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      God, enough of the semi-naked sleeves allready.

      Oh well, It could be worse. At least no hairy butt crack this time.
    19. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      I still like you, Celibate!


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