The two unreleased songs on the new Greatest Hits CD are...


Hey Uncleskinny P,

You know I think of you everytime I listen to "Teeneage Dad..." :) What an amazing tune!

just listened to "Im Playing Easy To Get" - classic Morrissey. I don't understand why he didn't release a studio recording - but I just found this from a true to you Q&A back in Feb 2006:

My favorite song in 2004 was I'm Playing Easy to Get which you played on the Janice Long show. Is there any chance that this song will be recorded in the studio and released?
Roger, Cape Town.
It was recorded, but not very well, so we hid it - although my experience is that nothing can ever be hidden - everything inches it's way onto the internet eventually. Someone, somewhere will spill it out.

I still hope he releases it for us.


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By the way, I was flicking through an old mag last night, and I saw an interview with Andrew McGibbon (Andrew Paresi) where he was describing how he'd recorded "Safe Warm Lancashire Home", and Morrissey had indeed laid down vocals for it, so a version of that unreleased song is floating about somewhere too. It must have been at the time of Kill Uncle.



Actually, "Safe Warm Lancashire Home" was one of the first songs they laid down for Viva Hate, as well as "Lifeguard On Duty," both of which Paresi and Simon Goddard alluded to being a trifle light.

I third "Home Is a Question Mark." Frankly, I suspect that Alain's heretofore-unheard new compositions are probably leagues ahead of Boz or Jesse's new offerings, so it'd be nice if one of his songs was on the GH collection.




Out of the new songs All You Need Is Me and That's How People Grow Up were always the most likely to appear on the album since they seem the 2 most 'finished songs' that have been played live and also both have been played on American tv. The other two seemed a little slight and unfinished. (especially One Day Goodbye lyric wise).


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But do you really think we're ever going to hear the voice of "she who must not be named" on a Morrissey record ever again?

As others have mentioned, he continued to use her voice when playin' the song guess is that it'll be on there.


ok, but I still like the idea of Sweetie Pie being her claim to fame.

My next prediction is that only one of the new songs, if that, will be on the next record. I know that he was doing songs from Quarry for a while before it was released but I have a feeling that he has a lot of new material. He has 4 co-writers at least and I'm sure they would all like to have a song on the next record.

Oso Blanco

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I too want Playing Easy To Get and Home Is A Question Mark. But I don't want them to re-record them, I want the original studio versions!
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