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@The.Truth. never attempt to communicate with me again. This is your one and only warning. Attempting to psychoanalyze people only works if you're intelligent enough to do it, and you're certainly not. I give you a D- grade for your efforts, and that's me being generous. Just keep my name outta of your mouth and we can keep it the same, n!gga. Whenever you see my name or someone you think might be me, you can #keepscrolling. When it comes to interacting with me, consider yourself #cancelled, moron. You've been posting here and in the chatroom for 20 years (not that anyone really knows you); you may have had that much time to waste on here but I don't have time to waste that much time on someone who has had that much time to waste on here. Got it? Bye Felicia!

I don't know. I would think that the person that is a moron is the one who tried to troll for several days, then told on themselves and got put on timeout.

And that's you. And now you're back signed in as @Born to Harangue downvoting posts although it does nothing. That's seems like a#WasteOfTime to me.
I guess I don't see the logic. :confused:
What do you call a person who gets banned several times and yet KEEPS COMING BACK? I mean, other than #sadlittleman.
@Nerak I'm fairly sure this is why you were told that your posts are low-effort rapid-fire spam.

Thanks @Nerak, I didn't know that white people killed other white people until you posted these links. You've really proven a point to me and to everybody else and undoubtedly you've gone up in everyone's estimation due to your astounding research skills. Why you're doing this for free on this website and why you haven't been snapped up by a major media company or university to work in their research office is anyone's guess. These are skills they could use, but we're privileged to have someone with your infinite wisdom and swift googling abilities in our midst nevertheless :thumb:
I mean, who amongst us was aware of Peter Sutcliffe until nerak dragged his name out from the annals of obscurity? This has completely changed my outlook on life, I'm being serious, and I've forgotten whatever story it was that you were trying to divert attention from in the first place; so you've been 100% successful.

It made you post, instead of your usual downvoting.
This is pretty amazing. Not only die we get posts from @The Truth. but now @Born to Harangue too! And he calls @Nerak "low effort."
I didn’t acknowledge anything. Lol. I pointed out you have zero credibility. Learn to read.

Are you sure about that?

You have an account. A record of your time here. You actively use this account still. While using this account, you also make anonymous posts attacking people that you don’t want publicly tied to your username. This isn’t a hard concept to follow.

So...in other words you’ve gone from trying to present yourself as having a moral high ground here and just settled on being no worse? Lawl.

Yawn. I don’t deal in supposition. Try again. Something tangible this time.

You can point to your previous post as much as you like but in the end it is just as meaningful as a retarded 5 year old pointing to a mess of fingerpaints with the belief that they just painted a puppy.

The implication that I only have sex in my imagination is priceless and just cements the massive disconnect between you and reality. You need me to have no life and to be sexless to validate your own failings. It would be funny if it wasn’t sad. Who am I kidding? It’s hilarious! Rofl.

Lol. What kind of rationalization is that? Just because you’re not good at something doesn’t mean you aren’t that thing. Jesse Tobias is a guitarist but not a very good one. Still a guitarist. Just because you can’t post anonymously without ultimately resorting to the same tells or logging in to your username to gloat to yourself over your own posts doesn’t mean you’re purposely being transparent. I’ve watched you read a post as Born To Harangue and then anonymously post a reply to it. Lawl.

It isn’t worth my time to go digging. You know I know. That’s enough. But if you need any examples pointed out go back to when you offered screenshots of a deleted post of mine to anyone who figured out your username and messaged you.

The only thing worthwhile you could do would be to lay down in the middle of traffic.

Oh, I almost forgot - tg;dr
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