The Times: "Rick Astley on his latest unlikely sell-out venture — covering the Smiths with Blossoms" (September 30, 2021)

I haven't read the whole article (because paywall), but it starts as follows and the link is here:

"Rick Astley and Morrissey are not obvious musical bedfellows. One is among the most revered artists in British music history and the other is — well, Rick Astley.

News that Astley was teaming up with the Stockport band Blossoms for two concerts to play songs from the Smiths was a gift to social media. The ripostes came flying: from “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” to “Please, please, please let me get what I want”. “This is both funny and horrible and at the same time,” the Smiths’ guitarist Johnny Marr tweeted. Of course tickets for this week’s shows sold out in minutes."

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but Andy Rourke despises Morrissey. Claims he didn't get paid for co-writing "Yes I Am Blind" and "Girl Least Likely To". He said if you ask Morrissey for a pay raise, you get sacked.

Nobody should get paid for the abomination that is Girl Least Likely To
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