The Times: "20 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" - Johnny Marr #6 (January 13, 2023)

6. Johnny Marr

The jangly counterpoint to Morrissey’s miserabilism, Marr’s chiming chords helped to define the indie sound. Since the demise of the Smiths those clamouring for his fretboard fairy dust have included Bryan Ferry, the Pretenders, the The, Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads and Hans Zimmer.


Juan Dulces

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Johnny Marr is a ludicrously overrated guitarist. He’s a fantastic songwriter, but the jingly jangly guitar sound was nothing new and he borrowed heavily from others.

Ability-wise, you would think that there's a huge difference between JM and someone like Steve Vai. But, there's not that big of a difference between JM and Bert Jansch. Bert was unreal good, in the days before 'shredders'.

Johnny is one of the most listenable guitarists ever. He's gifted with large amounts of grace and finesse. When he plays guitar only, he brings a tremendous amount of musicality to any band he's playing in. He composed and performed most Smiths material (that he's known for) when he was barely twenty years old.

Juan Dulces

I just see trees.
This is almost just British/American guitarists so it’s a bit hard to take it seriously. Eric Clapton once said that Ronnie Le Tekrø is the best guitarist ever

Interesting. Hendrix said that when he saw the band Moving Sidewalks - featuring a teenage, pre-ZZ TOP Billy Gibbons - that Gibbons was the greatest player he had ever heard.


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Great songwriter and singer though and I loved his guitar work on Faith, Seventeen Seconds, Pornography, Head On The Door, Kiss Me, and Disintegration. His use of repetition is mesmerising.
Amazing songwriter, but not sure he noodles very much on the guitar like the heavy hitters do.

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I’m completely uninterested in autistic virtuosos and technically perfect guitarist, but here are my favorite guitarists:
Pelle Ossler
Blixa Bargeld
Johnny Marr
Bruce Springsteen
Bernard Sumner
Robert Smith
Robin Guthrie
Sami Sirviö
Willie Nelson
Scotty Moore
James Burton
David Eugene Edwards

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