The THIRD single


Roy G. Biv

It's definitely single quality, but the religious right would have a fit if it ever hit airwaves.

Which is why I believe I Like You will be the third single.


You Know I Couldn't Last

I know it's not a "commercial" record, but it's so fantastic I feel everyone should be able to hear it. It's Morrissey's 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

IBEH and FOTGTD are his chance to lure in a new generation of fans, while "You Know I Couldn't Last" would give us the chance to watch him sing "your royalties bring you luxuries.. oh but the squalor of the mind" loowing skywards, on Top of the Pops, slotted in between Gareth Gates and Jay Z. For that alone, it's worth it.


When I hear it I think "George Michael". I hope I haven't spoiled it for you now. Anyway, yes, there's something about the arrangement or stark production or something that takes me to 'Listen without prejudice'. Yes, I like IHFJ. How do you stand on the possibility that the song is about someone called Jesus rather than the deity Jesus Christ. Jesus is, after all, a common Christian name in Mexico. I love that ambiguity.

> I don't know if its been annouced yet but I'm convinced it should be

> 'I have forgiven Jesus'

> Dynamically I think its the most musically interesting song, its also got
> a great soaring chorus.

> Has anybody else noticed the Indian sounding warble on one 'Jesus' in
> particular?
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