The The - Infected (original 12" version) w/ withdrawn controversial artwork

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The The has been around since 1979 in various forms, with Matt Johnson being the only constant band member. Releases are fairly few and far between but over the years The The has sold several million albums internationally and achieved critical acclaim. Infected was the second single from The The's album of the same name released in 1986 with the track reaching #48 in the UK.

During The The's more prolific period of releases, from Soul Mining (1983) to Dusk (1992), most artwork used on the albums and single releases was produced by Matt Johnson's brother Andrew Johnson (Andy Dog).The artwork has a distinctive style, and sometimes courted controversy, most notably the inital release of the single Infected (upper left) which was withdrawn from sale and re-issued with an edited version of the cover art.



Yeah, that cover art for Infected had to have been controversial, especially in the midst of the AIDS epidemic. "Infect me with your love..." Matt Johnson is fantastic. Have to say, when Johnny Marr played with him, The The only got better. Thanks for the Born Again 80's site.

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That cover rocks. The The was a great project. "This Is The Day"'s an absolute classic. I haven't heard much from Matt Johnson since his covers album of Hank Williams songs more than a decade ago.


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Ah. Now it makes more sense. When I uploaded all my The The discs, iTunes substituted cover art that bore no resemblance to the original. I wondered why...
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