the swindon setlist that never was


Sing Your Life
I have to say for me it would have been one boss setlist.

Like I have said before, living in Skip land I have only seen him once in 2002. Whilst the setlist may be boring for some it would have been brilliant for ppl like myself :)
I think it's a good set-list too! Some people are never happy. (I'm not usually, but at a Morrissey gig I generally am!) No songs from the first 3 Morrissey albums or Bona Drag which would've been good but:
Cemetery Gates, Nowhere Fast, Crashing Bores & Is It Really So Strange? It could've been a brilliant gig. It's not being re-scheduled, in case any of you didn't know. The venue wasn't great anyway, and there was no atmosphere at the back which is where I unfortunately was, after getting carried away drinking vegan Hopback Entire Stout at the Glue Pot (great pub!).

:nopity: (Just because it's the best emotion I've ever seen).

And this one is just plain weird :flamethrow:


I Know It's Over...
I was at Swindon last night with my wife, on the way out i asked the sound guy for his set list which he was kind enough to give to me, it was:

Charming man, Black cloud, Carol, How soon is now, Gangland, Cemetery, Paris, Teenage Dad, Nowhere fast, Irish blood English heart, Why dont you, One day good, Elbow, Crashing bores, Is it rearly, Loop, Education, Im ok, with an encore of First of the gang.

Was up the front, Charming Man sounded great, he looked trim an in good form, the atmosphere up the front was great loads of friendly fans. We travelled from East London feel sorry for the guys from all over he the states and Canada, who expressed nothing but concern for Morrissey. Get well soon Mozza!

Cemetery Gates! Oooooooooo! I will be bootlegging some shows.

Personally, I love the listing. The only song I really have a problem with is "The Loop" simply because he's played it so many times. There are countless other older tunes worthy of being resurrected.
The orchestra was on stage all around him.
I'm just thinking of the time when M can no longer be so physical (and it looks like that time is fast coming up).
He could go the Iggy/Jagger route and really work out :sick:
or he's got to come up with a different stage act or,perhaps,it will be retirement ?

Well, he said that he would probably retire around the age of 55, if my memory serves.
I feel ill even thinking about this. I can't imagine life not expecting yet another album, song, or whatever. Sounds dramatic I know.
One day goodbye WILL be farewell, though.

As far as working out, I think he has. But unlike Jagger and Iggy, he looks like a healthy 50-year old. And if we would look inside (eeehw) Morrissey, we'd find him in much better shape than those guys. Morbid thought.

Anyway. I don't care how he looks. His music still helps me a lot, through thick and thin.

So fat, bald, with an orchestra or with a banjo only: bring it on Moz :)
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