The Sunday Times: "Freaks Out!" by Luke Haines review by Will Hodgkinson - Morrissey mention (March 31, 2024)

Times-review on Luke Haines’ new book on music ‘freaks’:

Lou Reed, Marc Bolan and sad old Morrissey feature in this hymn to the misfits of music

He also tackles a childhood love of Gary Glitter, “a kind of extreme stress test for the old ‘separating the art from the artist’ argument,” and holds up Morrissey, the former singer of the Smiths who now seems to be engaging in a permanent act of career sabotage, as “a proper un-grown-up Freak … He wants adulation and when he gets it he must reject it.” Being a freak is a complicated business.

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this guy should have looked up the meaning of the word freak.
1,a very unusual and unexpected event or situation.
2,a person,animal,or plant with an unusual physical abnormality.
3,a person who is obsessed with a particular activity or interest.
M is many things but dont know if he comes under any of the above categories.
I would say he fits into the third one quite comfortably. He's obsessed with James Dean and Oscar Wilde, for example, and has been for decades.

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