The Story Of The UK General Election 2015 in Morrissey lyrics - NME

A droll pictorial article using lyrics to describe the UK election events.

The Story Of The UK General Election 2015 In Morrissey Lyrics -

David Cameron's Conservatives roared to a surprise majority victory in this week's General Election (May 7), drawing to a close an election dogfight filled with plenty of The Thick Of It style blunders and moments of marvel. Because at times British politics can be so depressing only Morrissey could understand, here's the road to the 2015 General Election results mapped out in Moz lyrics...
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Just shows you that politics is boring even if 'spiced' up with Smiths/Moz song titles and lyrics.


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The NME online pages are just Buzzfeed click bait wank now. The print version doesn't have long left, IMO.

I stopped buying the magazine when they started gushing for and dribbling over Arctic Monkeys. For me that was when modern music died.

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