the storm off in a huff thread

simple, just get upset by something/someone or whatever...


"that bloody Robby said the wrong thing at the wrong time..."

then just leave without saying goodbye.

ok who's 1st?


P.s. it doesn't have to be about Robby I was just using him as an example.
^^^good example:p

right that bloody Grim... hasn't come out yet?


There's already a thread called "The Pet Peeves Thread"...:p
Kewpie, my OCD has a crush on you! :p
(my 1000 other neuroses are smitten w/ Clippers)

*storms off in a schizophrenic huff*
radio playing 'take that'.
Nope, but i believe you may have some wonderful music to listen to, so we can switch off the radio and listen to that......and you can help me to calm down;)
Ok thats a deal.... off radio, on these CDs.... now sit here slum mummy:)
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