The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]


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There are more copies on Everything English now. Mine arrived today in perfect condition, as is always the case with the fine folks at that site. Now, to open or not to open? :p


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Absolutely amazing.

Thank you.

And thank you Stephane for the wonderful backstory.

I can't believe how much is hiding in a corner somewhere. How lucky those who've had access to it.


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Unbe-bloody-lievable...this is like a whole lifetime of wikileaks. Real gold and jewels and a big vat of brandy.

Bless you, you naughty leaker, you!

And happy times to all smithheads, now and always.
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I usually sit on the sidelines and enjoy reading some of the discussions - but this was just too much, I had to post - SPECTACULAR, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! so exciting to hear these. Wonderful.

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Have yet to make it past Rusholme Ruffians. Stunning. Thanks.


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What becomes clear to me after listening to all this is how the band made the right call almost every time. For years, not hearing these unreleased versions, but always being reminded of their existence, always seemed to hint that the official releases were conservative and dull.

Now that I've heard them, I can say that part of the genius of The Smiths was taking the right course in the studio. The demos show experimentation and even expose some of the weaknesses of the band, but the versions that ultimately ended up on official release were great versions.

The story of The Smiths has already been etched in stone, and hearing these incomplete and alternate recordings don't detract from my impressions of the band, they only remind me how good they were.


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Now this is what I call a perfect Christmas gift!!!

thanks a lot to the uploader, you made my day!


I've never heard the "Some Girls" without fade-out...
Could someone post it?

I've listened to it and it's complete bollocks...someone has basically taken the song and simply cut the "fade out" parts on audiocity...and I thought it was actually the real deal, basterds!
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