The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]


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Haven't felt the need to use one of these :guitar: before but
If I wasn't limited to 8 you'd have a lot more of them.
Nice. Thank you very much :guitar::thumb:


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At the moment these rarities of The Smiths have seen the light:

- Ask (Pre-remix Version)
- Death of a Disco Dancer (Monitor Mix)
- Frankly, Mr Shankly (Trumpet Version)
- Girl Afraid (Glasgow 02-03-84) Department Of Enjoyment NME Various Artists Compilation Album 1985
- Girlfriend In a Coma (Monitor Mix)
- Girlfriend In a Coma (Alternate Rare Version)
- Heavy Track (Instrumental)
- I Misses You (Instrumental)
- Is It Really So Strange? (Single Version)
- Miserable Lie (Oxford 18-03-85) Rough Trade Compilation Various Artists Album 1986
- Pait a Vulgar Picture (Monitor Mix)
- Reel Around The Fountain (Final Troy Tate Album Version)
- Rubber Ring (Monitor Mix)
- Rusholme Ruffians (Electric Version)
- Shakespeare's Sister (Los Angeles 27-06-85) Rarities Vol.2 Various Artists Album 2003
- Sheila Take a Bow (Porter Version)
- Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Without Fade-In)
- Suffer Little Children (First Demo Version) Decibel Studios 1982
- The Cowbell (Instrumental)
- The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (John Porter Monitor Mix)
- The Queen Is Dead (Full Version)
- There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Take 1)
- This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Studio Version)
- Unloveable (Inverness 01-10-85) Soundcheck. This song was never performed live
- What Do You See In Him? (Manchester 04-02-83) Wonderful Woman early version
- What She Said (Oxford 18-03-85) Poll Winners Free EP with NME 1985
- William, It Was Really Nothing (Oxford 18-03-85) Meat Is Murder Aborted Live EP 1985

Is correct friends?
This list is permanent update.
The Smiths have returned. Christmas has arrived after twenty-three years !!
Cheers, very much appreciated


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"I'm glad you guys are enjoying the songs I leaked" - Julian
:rofl: That cracked me up Flax...:thumb:


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Well, you're just a moron irregular aren't you?

What brought that on? Saying 'thank you' to the person who shared all of this?

Let's have more peace, love and harmony.



Thanks Motorways, I just burned the CD to listen to it in my stereo. It's nice to have that nervousness again everytime, I bought a Smiths or Morrissey cd back in the nineties. Maybe now that it is in a bootleg M&M will allow to release one of these tracks officially. After revelation bootleg came out, Moz soon released some of the tracks on the Bona Drag reissue. I hope it happens that way again. Ok, I am ready to listen now...bye and endless gratitude to Motorways again!!

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Thank you for posting. Within a couple of years of the Morrissey demo's being leaked we got some official releases on the Bona Drag reissue. Here's hoping this lights a fire under the backside of the necessary people for the same thing to happen with the Smiths.
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