The Smiths - Unreleased BBC Sessions in high quality


I believe these are all the unreleased BBC radio recordings. All except for "Wonderful Woman" and "I Don't Owe You Anything" come from very good sources, not previously shared.

Wonderful Woman
1983-07-04 Jensen Session
Soundsville. Pitch corrected.

I Don't Owe You Anything
1983-09-05 Jensen Session
Soundsville. Pitch corrected.

Pretty Girls Make Graves & Reel Around The Fountain
1983-09-05 Jensen Session
FM re-broadcast > Reel-to-Reel

How Soon Is Now?
1984-08-09 Peel Session
FM re-broadcast > Digi Beta

London & Half A Person
1986-12-17 Peel Session
FM re-broadcast > Digi Beta


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Thank you!

A high-quality BBC sessions compilation is well overdue. Years ago I spent a long time diligently collecting the best of each version only to find that there's no good versions of Wonderful Woman (Jensen) out there. I nagged the BBC to re-broadcast it but evidently, my powers of persuasion are ineffective at the Big British Castle.
A friendly hello and a kind thanks!

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Sorry for the probably obvious uestion, but does Hatful of Hollow + this upload = all the BBC Session stuff in as high quality available?

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DavidA's research on the matter a while back (which some sites based their views of 'best' on). May be in need of an update, but this started on ST years ago and has shaped thinking since.:


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