The Smiths to reunite for 2020 tour promoted by Live Nation?

A trusted source has sent the following:

Concert industry insiders, not authorized to speak publicly, say concert giant “Live Nation” has won the rights for the long-awaited Smiths reunion to happen next year. We know what you’re already singing to yourself (“stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before”), but because dates and venues are already said to be in the “plotting stage,” this would indicate that a Morrissey-Marr reunion is closer than ever to becoming a reality. There’s no word yet on if all four original members will share the concert stage. Morrissey just completed his “California Son” tour. According to his website, Johnny Marr has no upcoming shows scheduled. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.

Johnny Marr's Twitter response when asked regarding this story - Twitter (November 6, 2019), link via @ordinaryboy86:

Media coverage:
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Right, during Johnny's appearances at Glastonbury with the Killers and his own set, he probably played for more people in one day than Moz did his whole tour. Not to mention the 3 million plus YouTube views for those appearances.

The one having the disastrous solo career is the Mozzer. Can you read?

DramaJ has no career FFS he had to cancel 3 shows in a row last mini tiny gig tour!:censored:
A festival is not a legitimate gig. the day after he went back to playing to 200 people the poor
Moz has been on huge festivals and then he sells out the Hollywood Bowl:rock:
:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: couldnt sell out a fruit bowl.:grinning:
Thelma Houston will be special guest on selected US dates (Hollywood Bowl, f.e.) performing "Bobby" (the fantastic new duet) with da band. Recent Morrissey solo material will also be carefully implemented into the set. Nobody said, that it would be easy.
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How would they conduct the interviews for the reunion. Will the nephew do them.
Will someone please clarify this Mozz, jilted lover of Mike for us. I'm begging.
If this happens - and it won't - it'll be something like Morrissey, Gannon, Rourke and A.N. Other on drums. Perhaps with a guest star appearance by Dale Hibbert. Rehearsals will take place in the Salford Lads' Club, and Morrissey will flounce back to LA after the first rehearsal, citing nervous exhaustion and bunions.
I will eat my beret if Joyce is involved. He jilted Moz and took his money. In his world that's unforgivable.

What I can see happening is Moz doing an almighty volte-face, renouncing his current position on various political issues, in order to sell tickets and keep that moolah rolling in.

I told you before - it's all about the money - always has been, still is.

You probably will end up eating your beret, after you spend every penny you have on front row tickets.
After Morrisseys right wing populism Johnny Marr will never reunite with him. His political views in these days are disturbing and unacceptable.

A reunion will never happen.

Johnny Marr is getting better in his solo performances buy including smiths songs and some new interesting solo stuff. I am looking for a new tour.
what,strangling how soon is now night after night.
I doubt it would happen. Morrissey seems very hard work & unlikely to behave himself. It would be good for him though, it might get him away from the alt-right algorithm & more clued up about actual politics.
hes that hard work that bozz has been with him for twenty years,jesse over ten years and the rest over five years,hardly the worst boss in the pop world.
Johnny Marr could not afford either Boz or Jessie, both are out of his class.
Step back? Johnny Marr was Moz sidekick. He always been a sidekick until this disastrous recent 'solo' career.

By disastrous solo career, do you mean two albums that have been very well received and very high ticket sales for the tours he has done over the years, plus an appearance at Glastonbury in front of a massive crowd, playing Smiths' songs without butchering them?
You literally have zero idea if it's nonsense or not. Go ahead and ask him.

Much the same as anyone except Morrissey and Joyce, then? I'll let you know..

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