The Smiths - Recollections

I applaud your hard work but question your Dewey Decimal system. Why would you include songs that were part of The Queen Is Dead in the Meat Is Murder era?

'The Boy...' (recorded at Drone Studios) was released on September 16, 1985 (with 'Rubber Ring' & 'Asleep' as b-sides).
'Bigmouth...' (recorded at RAK Studios) was released on May 22, 1986.
'Margaret On The Guillotine' (the recording project that would become the 'Queen Is Dead' album) was recorded at Jacob Studios in Farnham in the Winter 85.
So, my editorial choice was:
The album's been recorded in the winter 85 bar 'The Boy' which is probably an addition to the album (released 9 months prior to the album) so it ends up in the 'Meat Is Murder' era but 'Bigmouth...' (which was also recorded prior to the main sessions for the album) belongs to the 'Queen Is Dead' folder as it was only released 3 weeks before the album.

Regarding numbers... Folder number 3 is the Radio Sessions & Tv Appearances. Since there was none in that era, I removed the empty folder but forgot to change numbers... Sincere apology.
Thank you!
Thank you again!
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