The Smiths - rare William red 7' sleeve for sale

Sheridan Whiteside

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Finally listed the red William 7' sleeve. Auction is for the sleeve only.

Starting price is high as I am not desperate to sell it.

I am also selling an original Hand In Glove 12x24 promo poster, along with numerous Rough Trade Smiths postcards.

I have the original Smiths setlist from Ottawa June 1986 which i will list soon.
You could argue that if a HIG negative sleeve can sell for £3000 this has got to be worth the same, if not more. I am always amazed how much value is placed on the negative sleeve though, there are vinyl's or acetates that are as rare or rarer that you can actually play that don't grab half as much attention or any where near the price, such a strange market!! How a botched up sleeve printing error can be worth more than a rare test pressing/acetate is beyond me.


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The entire collecting world thrive on things like this situation you are addressing. It's a normal situation in collecting actually I think. There are many examples when acetate loses to "botched up" sleeve.(in $$ value)

Most famous example would be the Beatles' Butcher cover. A Livingston copy can go for US$25,000 in mint condition, more if it's a Stereo copy.

The market and public dictate the achieved value; the notoriety of the story behind the "negative sleeve" ensures it is always going to be the holy grail of Smiths/Moz collecting.
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