"The Smiths producer Stephen Street says he does not believe band will ever reform" - NME.com

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By Uncleskinny on Feb 21, 2014 at 6:25 PM
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    1. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I hope it doesn't ever happen. It was a perfect moment in time which can't be recaptured.
    2. MassMurder
      "And you find everything there but the news.."
    3. 21punksalute
      File that under "no shit! "
    4. Uncleskinny
      Don't care what anyone says. If it ever happens, I'm quitting whatever I'm doing to be at the front of the queue.

    5. stux
      And the other breaking news is that Elvis has apparently died.
    6. Adeptly_Inept
      As much as I would love to see the Smiths perform live, I think their legacy depends upon the fact that their career was so short lived and because they never did reform. I believe the same to be for the Beatles.
      Plus it won't be the Smiths as they are remembered, they've changed so much over the years that it may not FEEL the same. Many still have the romantic view of what the Smiths were like in the '80s. This may leave some of the audience feeling disheartened as I believe that bands are often defined by their most recent performance(s).

      Just an opinion of mine.
    7. Anonymous
      I would forgive Tossirrey for being such a stupid childish silly twat as long as they NEVER EVER tour America .
      Cash is available Morrissey but only for the original line up (Rourke and Joyce ).

    8. Anonymous
      I hate to be morbid, but Morrissey and Marr - eventually one of them is going to die before the other. And, I suspect, like the Beatles, whichever one is left may eventually get round to finishing off some old unfinished demo that was never completed at the time.

      That's really as close to a 'reunion' as we're going to get.

      This side of the grave? Never.
    9. shayde
      Though it's a shame Morrissey doesn't reform with Stephen Street to produce a solo album (who could also write him some good music)... it's a pity that creative partnership also didn't continue.. it would have avoided material like Kill Uncle.. the lyrics and "music" today don't seem to compliment each other very well (as the music of Street and Marr did) .. although I doubt in all fairness any lyrics or melody would mesh with what Jessie Tobias can provide... it could all be so much better.
    10. King Leer
      King Leer
      Lawsuits and the passage of time aside, the "situation that can['t] be resolved" is that Morrissey despises one of the ex-Smiths and dislikes the other two.
      Despite Morrissey's fondness for money, not even offers of millions would change that (and hasn't thus far).
      If McDonald's agreed to stop serving hamburgers, mayb…nope, still no.
    11. Anonymous
      People more care about Morrissey and Marr doing stuff together again, than the full Smiths line up reforming. The latter will never happen due to Joyce Michael, the former may, as it seems Marr has already approached Morrissey about reuniting (according to Autobiog). If the new Morrissey album is a critical and commercial flop (which it will be if People Are The Same Everywhere is a typical song off it), Morrissey will have to consider Marr's offer much more seriously.
      What's interesting about this article is the tone of regret in Street's comments about no longer being involved. Sounds like he kinda wishes he was, and I think we all share those sentiments if Street is still able to write the amazing music he provided for Morrissey back in the late 80's. Also interesting to hear him say that he was looking forward to hear the new album. Presumably, he's lucky enough not to have yet heard (and had his expectations dampened by) the all-time career low which is People Are The Same Everywhere.
    12. Reggie-Kray
      Two words: Mike Joyce.
    13. orestes3009
      I had a hope that Street would write some of the songs on the new album, according to new Stephen Street song rumor called "Play it like you mean it". It had started with Morrissey's appearence on Janice Long in 2011.
    14. DAVIE
      Although Morrissey could say "to hell with being a lyricist" and just write novels instead as he wants to branch a new career.
    15. Anonymous
      Something like Johnny his guitar, and morrissey on small clubs doing things like Back to the old house, Jeane, Well I wonder, etc everything acoustic and magic
    16. mcrickson
      Yeah, that'd totally work.
    17. Anonymous
      Morrissey is a fat old has-been. Leave him to his twilight crooning days with Tom Jones and Cliff Richard, and being sucked on by parasitic 'yes-men' who only care about his money. A renewal of the partnership with Marr would mean Morrissey working with someone who might dare to say 'no', and have his own opinions. That could never be allowed against the easy life of Morrissey getting his own way 100% of the time.
    18. mcrickson
      It would also mean working with someone who, at 50 years old, dyes his hair jet black and whose 'own opinions' dictate that lyrics like 'Ooh, I feel it comin' round / I hear it, sounds like the good life / I know' are single-worthy.
    19. Anonymous
      the true always hurts

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