The Smiths: "Pablo Cuckoo Tape" re-rip FLAC

Famous when dead


You’ve Got Everything Now 4:29
Accept Yourself 4:19
What Difference Does It Make? 4:06
Reel Around The Fountain 6:36
These Things Take Time 3:05
I Don't Owe You Anything 5:29
Hand In Glove 2:59
Handsome Devil 3:06
Miserable Lie 5:11

Record shop blurb:

"The nine-song session was tracked in May 1983 at manager Joe Moss' Crazy Face warehouse, before the band hit the studio to record their self-titled debut. While songs like "Reel Around the Fountain" and "Hand in Glove" play fairly similar to their more famous counterparts, there is a rough and tumble quality that warrants a listen, from Morrissey's playful yelps and growls to the hilariously mismatched, almost surf-style drum roll that leads into "These Things Take Time.""

Re-ripped by CC & shared in 2015.
Part of their note file:


Vinyl LP > Systemdek IIX Turntable > Systemdek Arm > Linn K9 Cartridge > Audiolab 8000A Amp [Line Out] > PC > Audacity > Sony Soundforge [Click/Cracle Removal] > Fairstars Audio Converter [Wav To Flac Conversion [Level 8] > Smiths Torrent > You


Right a year or so ago I ripped this originally via a lossy minidisc lineage.
Well here better late than never is a true lossless version.
It does sound better than via minidisc, so for those that want it here it is.
The only processing that has been done to this is click & crackle removal, other than that it is untreated.

Re-upped as a static link.

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