The Smiths' "First" bassist, Dale Hibbert, played the Smiths first demo

Dale Hibbert was at the PLY Bar in Manchester last night (Sept. 29, 2016) and an excerpt from The Smiths' first demo was played at the end of the night's event.

This is a bit of "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" demo recorded at Decibelle Studios by Morrissey, Marr, Joyce, and Hibbert on bass.

Apparently, more of the demo will be released soon from the same sources.

Not much different from what the band ended up with on the debut LP.

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Quando quando quando

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He sounds fine, but he's working within a very basic vocal range. The contrast with his outrageously brilliant vocal performance on 'I Know It's Over' is instructive. Nobody listening to the earliest songs could have imagined that such a remarkable event would emerge from what was a very basic instrument at the outset. And anyone listening to 'I Know It's Over' or 'How Soon Is Now' who has had vocal training hears just what wonders it can achieve. There is no diss in him having had vocal coaching, merely in his bizarre attempts to make out that he just floated from one state to the other. Nonsense. He was fixated on improving his voice, fixated on his career to the exclusion of almost everything else, fixated in a very 80s Yuppie way. Nothing wrong with that so why does he pretend it was/is a 'natural' voice. It isn't, and it's all the better for having been trained as surely as if it were a circus high-wire act. Which, in a way, on this song, it is....

^^ THIS ^^
Very insightful and how can anybody think or say this is offensive to Morrissey? :confused: Beats me.

But I assume many here regard you as a hatebot and are not able to filter out the valuable insights you have as well. And the funny ones too.
I think if they see your username they don't read any further. :brows:

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Cheers for this. The irony is I cant really hear Dale Hibbert's bass at all! :)

Nobody can. :guitar:
I can't believe people claiming he was so important to The Smiths formation. He without whome, etc, etc. Moz would be still at the dole and Johnny Marr working at the clothes shop. :squiffy:
Yeah, I get it. :ha-no:


It's all good
Just to say - got a message from Dale to say that the reason the drums and bass seem less than 'hearable', is because he upped the voice and guitar in the mix, as that is what he thought would be most interesting to listeners.
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