The Smiths' debut album - 35th anniversary of release mentioned by CoS, Warner Bros. Germany

Classic Album of the Week: The Smiths’ Debut Remains an Album to Fall in Love with All Over Again - Consequence of Sound

By Libby Cudmore
Not even Morrissey's latter-day sins can taint the pure love listeners feel for this record


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Warner Bros Germany praising The Smiths debut album. Calling it a reference work - thread posted by the.legend

Ein Album, das zum Referenzwerk wurde: "The Smiths" feiert 35. Geburtstag - Warner Music Germany
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OK, OK, we get it: "Morrissey is a trash bag". By repeatedly harping on this, the reviewer ruins his own article. Just mention it once and get on with it. Make it about the music!
That would be because the article is actually about saying "Morrissey is a trash bag", another journalist who presumes the reader is thick. Next thing she will be saying Tommy Robinson is a Trash Bag too, would she dare to? He might come banging on her door to ask why, so probably not.


My favourite Smiths album. It has every type of Smiths song they do best. Hard all the way up soft and back again.
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