The Smiths - cover stars video


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Many years ago, I would say about 10 — there used to exist a video of the scenes from which Morrissey took stills for the Smiths’ covers.

It would show about 5 second clips of the films, then pause at the exact shot Morrissey used.

It was such a nice video but can’t seem to find it.

Perhaps someone can point me to it.


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I've never seen the video, but a few years ago I tried doing something like this but with "animated Smiths covers" where I would try to match up the few frames of scenes to the corresponding cover and make it look like the album cover but a moving image. What I noticed was that many shots aren't actual stills from the film during a scene, they're production stills taken by a photographer on set so they don't match up to the film as well as one would think.
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