The Smiths - "Complete" CD box set released (UK - Sep. 26, 2011)

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By davidt on Sep 26, 2011 at 8:56 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Sep 26, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      What is Robert Smith doing on the sleeve of the Smiths box ?
      I got these delivered this morning. I have to say, they are sounding amazing. Genuinely brighter, fuller bodied. They are now like fine red wine that Moz himself would surely approve of as apposed to the slightly cheaper plonk they previously were. Listen to them before you judge my comment please. -tony
    3. stux
      3rd from the left?

      Nah, it's Johnny Marr in a wig.
    4. Anonymous
      Below is a comment from one reviewer for the Complete cd box that is now available in the UK :

      "As to the remastering, whilst I would never claim to be an expert, these DEFINITELY sound a lot brighter, louder and more crisp than my old CD copies from the 90s so as far as I am concerned Johnny Marr has done an excellent job!"

      Tell me someone else has something more positive to share on the sound of these discs?
    5. celibate
      well the originals are from the 80's, so they just had now more modern technic possibilbiliets, but
      I woulkd say NO Smiths member worked with on this so=called remaster, nor Johnny with Frank Arkwood to remaster them, as written
      [probally another project and the next best off]

      as Morrissey say it;s just cashing in for Rhino [Warner/Citybank], and not to buy it

      ask Johnny if he plays in Manchester, he is more' aproachable' I've read on here past years

      Sorry can't say anything on the sound or this boxset
    6. Uncleskinny
    7. Mr Reynolds
      Mr Reynolds
      Errr...I know for a FACT that Johnny Marr worked with Frank Arkwright on it.
    8. Uncleskinny
      Which is of course a quick and easy way to hear the Troy Tate version of Reel Around The Fountain as well.

    9. Anonymous
      Johnny spent two weeks in Metropolis Studios with Frank Arkwright working on these. Frank tweeted about this.

      EMI is owned by Citibank, not Warner. It's a fairly well publicized fact too, so not sure how you managed to get that wrong.

      Morrissey knew about this project a long time ago.
    10. Anonymous
      Well they have all this news and also some big news you don't have at Morrisseysworld. As usual this site is a step behind. Ooops, someone is about to moderate me because this site is run by fascists.

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    11. Anonymous
      They had the jo brand story 3 or 4 days before you, they have a story on REM/Smiths you don't have any now news of the big radio times poll. How come this site is so much slower with the news when it has so many moderators etc? Could Morrisseysworld have big money behind it? Well how else do they beat you to every news story?

      Biggest news of all - boy george believes it's the real morrissey and is following him! Morrissey STILL hasn't taken down morrisseysworld despite that site's public offer to close itself if Morrissey just says it's what he wants on true to you! Why wouldn't he close it down? Why would he deny it's him three times, then leave the site up? Try to think, people. I know it doesn't come naturally to you.

      Ooops a fascist is about to delete me again. Yep. What's so wrong with letting morrissey fans know morrisseysworld has more news and boy george has studied the evidenc eof 3 denials and all the'coincidences' and thinks it's Morrissey! Morrissey is going viral on twitter! 500 to 1600 followers in 12 hours!

      Off topic
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    12. Anonymous
      This site didn't even cover MorrisseysWorld offer to close down because it's so scared the site is run by morrissey and will take ovr from this site soon! That's how scared they are. Ask yourself this. If Morrissey-solo really thought Morrisseysworld had no morrissey input, why wouldn't they run the story that morrisseysWorld ofered to close itself down if morrissey requested this on true to you? If they thought morrissey hated the site or wasn't connected tpo it, they would have covered it, hoping morrissey read it and closed the site. but instead they hid the story because they knew fans would put 2 and 2 together after THREE denials, morrissey referred to morrisseysworld at a concert - not my thoughts, the thoughts of an Observer journalist - and then Morrissey declined to close down Morrisseysworld! Boy george and thousands on twitter think it's him. But you're all still asleep!

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    13. Anonymous
    14. Anonymous
      This from Stephen Street:-

      06 December 2008 Smiths Revisited
      I have just spent a few fantastic and memorable days reunited in the studio with the great Johnny Marr remastering the Smiths albums!

      It was great to catch up with Johnny after such a long break. I've bumped into him at a couple of Award ceremonies over the years but the last time we actually spent any proper time in each other's company was back in '87 when we were recording "Strangeways Here We Come".

      It was fantastic to hear the original mixes played off the half inch tape and honestly, it did not seem like over 20 years since I worked with Johnny on these wonderful recordings. He and I reminisced over various overdubs and details as we listened through the tapes and it seemed like only yesterday that we were in the studio together. The other good thing was that the tapes sounded great and did not need major EQ-ing at all. It was just as well that the remastering was happening now as the tapes had to be baked to stop them shedding and perhaps if it had been much later the tapes could have deteriorated beyond repair.

      So, a great experience; not only are The Smiths LPS going to be available again in a much needed re-mastered form, but I have rekindled a friendship with one of the best musicians I have ever worked with and that is priceless!

      Before Johnny headed back to Manchester we promised to try and make sure we work together on something in the future and I for one would love that to happen.


    15. Anonymous
      you're a moron. that is all.
    16. Anonymous
      Johnny Marr is the lint in Morrissey's clothes dryer.
    17. Uncleskinny
    18. King Leer
      King Leer
      First thought: Bernard Butler in drag.

    19. gonzax
      I ordered this two months ago but I have not received it yet and Rhino won't even reply to my emails. The worst thing is that when I check out the state of my order it says processed and "last updated: 27-7-2011". Now that's what I call an awful service. Last time I ever buy anything from Rhino. To those who already have them. Are the sleeves better now in these mini-vinyl replicas? are the lyrics included?

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