The Smiths - Complete CD box charts at #63 in the UK album chart

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    The Smiths - Complete has entered the UK album chart at Number 63 today. Not bad for a box set I guess.
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    1. Anonymous
      Anyone notice that the single version of "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" is missing from The Smiths - Complete? I've listened to the version on the remastered The World Won't Listen and it doesn't seem to be any different than the TQID version. I've also compared it to my un-remastered versions of the song and again it sounds like the album version, not the single one.

      I'm not sure what to make of this, especially since it is well known that the album version was used instead of the single version on The Singles Album and in the 2009 CD Singles Boxset. Thoughts?
    2. Joseph T.
      Joseph T.
      Box sets will always have SOMETHING missing or wrong for the completist. You just have to accept that all efforts in box sets are not 100 percent. At most, 95 percent, and you must not be too upset over the rest of it.
    3. Anonymous
      Not upset at all. I just find it interesting that as far as The World Won't Listen album goes, they didn't deliver a remastered version of the original. Instead, we have a version with a unique track listing in comparison to all previous versions (at least insofar as it includes the album version of TBWTTIHS, rather than the single mix).

      Because the album version has been used elsewhere in the post-breakup discography where one would have expected the single version, this raises some interesting questions:

      - Was the original single supposed to have the album mix, but through some error an earlier "incomplete" outtake was used instead?
      - Does Marr have some issue with the single version and is he using this remastered set to "expunge" this version from the discography?
      - Is the master tape for the single version missing or damaged?
      - Is it just an odd coincidence that TBWTTIHS is a track that the record companies continually "get wrong" on re-releases?
    4. Alexander DeLarge
      Alexander DeLarge
      I like both... but I prefer the single version of The Boy With Thorn in His Side.
      Love the "raw sound and crude guitar" in this version.
    5. gonzax
      I think it's a shame they included the wrong version, not that they are that different but it's supposed to be a remastering of the original album. The same goes for the two extra tracks not included originally, they just shouldn't be there.
    6. gonzax
      and I had not realised before that the version included on the CD boxset from 2009 is also the wrong one. F**k, double shame on this, I bought that boxset so I could have the single versions, not the album one. Well, at least I still have all the vinyls...
    7. Anonymous
      Those questions are that interesting...
    8. Anonymous
      Obviously Marr's decision - in the same way that the recent Morrissey remasters included bits of tinkering.

      It's not just the single version of 'Boy With the Thorn' that has been replaced with the 'Queen is Dead' version - also on 'Louder Than Bombs' they've replaced the version of 'You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby' with the version from 'The World Won't Listen', which is a different mix.

      Now, personally I prefer the 'Queen is Dead' version of 'The Boy With the Thorn' - but I think it's a bit late to start tinkering with the album contents after all these years - and for me the definitive version of 'The World Won't Listen' will always be the original version.
    9. Anonymous
      Are you sure about 'You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby'? This track listing from iTunes UK - - shows two different listings for that song , track 78 (3:31) and track 86 (3:33). I assumed that they were the two different mixes; otherwise, why list them both?

      As for 'The Boy With the Thorn', it is only listed once as track 27.
    10. Anonymous
      Any huge Smiths' fan that knows how to use WinZip/ZipFiles? I need help and you'd really benefit from it if you do not have this box set... How do I contact someone via email?
    11. billybu69
      What's your problem?
    12. Anonymous
      I spent a lot of money on the Smiths Super Deluxe Collector's Set... I paid a lot for shipping to the U.S. It arrived today in the post... It is supposed to come with download codes... So, I find the download code card, put in the web address to download the Smiths songs (the download card is needed for the non-album tracks, the only-on-vinyl songs, b-sides, etc.)

      I go to access the site to input the code and, "I'm Sorry, This Site Cannot Be Accessed In Your Country."

      I wrote Rhino and they said "The downloads are not available in the U.S. The downloads are only available to U.K. residents." Basically saying "Sucks for you"

      This information would have been a lot more helpful BEFORE I paid more than $350.00 for this set!! No warning whatsoever!"

      So what I wanted is a U.K. resident to access the download and mail me the zip file...
    13. billybu69
      sounds reasonable i'll do that pm me.
    14. Anonymous
      Its down to number 83 now.
    15. Anonymous
      Don't let the track times for "Earned It Yet" fool you. These are the same. The two versions of this song are audibly quite different and the US version is supposed to be about 10-15 seconds shorter. The US version was not included in the box or on iTunes, despite the incorrect labeling.
    16. Anonymous
      where was your download code? i just received my box today and can't find it anywhere...

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