The Smiths' Biggest, Most Unlikely Fan: Pantera's Phil Anselmo -

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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    The Smiths’ Biggest, Most Unlikely Fan: Pantera’s Phil Anselmo -
    By Brian Ives


    In this edition of Essentials, he chronicled his Smiths fandom in full. When he first heard Moz, he said it sounded a bit alien to him due to his androgyny, his honesty, his bleakness and his humor. All themes that are often cited by Morrissey’s disciples, but Anselmo is probably one of the first to compare Morrissey to Mercyful Fate frontman King Diamond, whose mic handle consists of a femur and a tibia bone tied together in the shape of a cross.

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    1. Detritus
      Hearing Anselmo rhapsodize about one Smiths song after another is a bit surreal.
    2. Anonymous
      Phil Anselmo gives "white power" speeches at his concerts.
    3. Glory Hole
      Glory Hole
      Love it. Phil like Moz seems to always be wresling with feelings. Too bad Moz doesn't think kindly of heavy metal; which is a shame because metal definitely has artistic merit sonically and lyrically. Althoug i do recall reading here that Moz liked Disturbed and went to see Soundgarden. Is that right?
    4. Uncleskinny
      Indeed he does. Not a nice person.

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    5. Anonymous
      Morrissey is so down with the brown folks, he'd hate that.
    6. CrystalGeezer
      Moz might have metal inklings. Queens of the Stone Age flirt with metal.

      - - - Updated - - -

      That's kinda fucked up.
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    7. VivaGil
      well If memory serves me Moz mentioned in one of the interviews during the last tour that the last good new song he heard was from system of a down. I met Phil, maybe 9 years ago and from my experience he doesn't hate Brown people. He hung out with a whole bunch of us after a show and was pretty kind.
    8. Anonymous
      Phil is just simply implying that at the end of the day saying " I'm proud to be White" comes across as being racist!
    9. Anonymous
      I would love to hear Morrissey sing 'Fucking Hostile'.
    10. Guernie
      Love that interview !! This tattooed up, gruff talking, rough looking dude just spills out his love for The Smiths . As he goes on, you can tell it is not just a name check but he actually knows songs and the people that made up The Smiths. Wonder if he has gone to see Moz or Marr in concert ? Thanks for posting Uncleskinny .
    11. jaypayton
      anyone who thinks Phil is a racist is a moron. He had his issues with drugs in the past and said stupid shit onstage, he's from new Orleans and went through the whole rebel flag southern pride phase which people misinterpret as racist. He has stated numerous times how his favorite sport is boxing and how his favorite athletes are black. He recently interviewed 50 Cent for a music magazine. His band Down invited all their friends onstage at their show last summer in New Orleans which included several black people. 4 minutes into this video he addresses the racist "rumors"
    12. Chip

      Jesus Christ I had no idea. I saw Superjoint Ritual at Ozzfest once--which was Phil Anselmo's band after the guitarist from Pantera was murdered. I don't remember anything about him other than he was really falling apart at the time and had vomited onstage at previous concerts and I was impressed he got through without any major incidents.

      I didn't even know he was still around.

      That speech is really fucking dreadful. And I am not even all the way through it.
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    13. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      And I bet someone, somewhere is on a Pantera site saying Morrissey is a racist...

      Always wondered if Pantera's "Cemetery Gates" was influenced by the Smiths and I'm very surprised to find out it was.

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    14. Uncleskinny
      He can't be racist because..."his favorite athletes are black. He recently interviewed 50 Cent for a music magazine".

      That is absolutely superb.

    15. 21punksalute
      I love celebrity Smiths fans. I love that he calls the song " sing me to sleep" . I wish the interview was two hours long and he kept calling songs by the wrong title, like maybe " Soil over my Head" and " Shyness is nice ". He shares my same passions; he can call them whatever the hell he wants.
      The only weird thing he says is that he would see the reformed Smiths if they came to New Orleans. I think I speak for us all when I say I would travel to see The Smiths where ever they played. If I heard they were playing on the moon I'd already be up there.
    16. Mozambiguous
      What exactly do you find so objectionable in that video?
      It would be nice for once if you actually contributed something worthwhile, instead of posting a video like that and expecting it to speak for itself.

      If what Phil Anselmo said in that video is so horrifyingly unpleasant/racist, etc, how about you list a few reasons why so we'll know where you're coming from?

      Posting videos/pictures/blanket statements might wash over on SLATUKIP where you're preaching to the choir, and are never challenged, but when you do it outside of your bubble you should expect people to want you to divulge slightly more than you're usually willing to.
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    17. Uncleskinny
      I don't give a flying fuck what you think, and I'm under no obligation to explain anything to you or anyone else. So do one.

    18. the_kaz
      Love it! Can't say I'm a fan of Pantera, but it's because their music and subculture is so alien to me that I feel so happy watching this interview, seeing that music really is a universal language, and that even someone so different to me, with views so different to my own (based on the clip posted above) can be just as inspired by The Smiths as I've been. :)
    19. Anonymous
      and yes it does.

      - marred.

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