"The Smiths are Dead" - Commodore 64 game released

For people who are interested, the game is now available.
The game is available in English, Spanish & Catalan and it can be played with a Commodore 64 or an emulator and you have all the information in this links:
English: https://commodore-plus.itch.io/the-smiths-are-dead-en-c64-oric
Spanish: https://commodore-plus.itch.io/los-smiths-estn-muertos-es-c64-oric
Catalan: https://commodore-plus.itch.io/los-smiths-estn-muertos-cat-c64-oric

The game is a text adventure in which you put yourself in the skin of Morrissey and covers the period between the separation of The Smiths and the release of Viva Hate.
The plot: You are Morrissey and Gail, your manager, has lost the Suedehead sheet music which is divided into 4 pieces. You must travel and gather them to be able to record your first single.

You can download the game completely free of charge




A small physical edition has also been made for collectors:



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command games have never been my thing,commodore was great in its time but im too used to hyper realistic graphics and dolby atmos sound to play anything on it now.
Will there be some hints or walkthroughs? First time playing this type of game and already got stuck at 5%. Anyway, thank you for all the hard work! The texts are so amusing and in detail. Will try harder tomorrow :thumb:
An unofficial The Smiths game has been released for Commodore 64


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