"The Smiths are Dead" - Commodore 64 game released

For people who are interested, the game is now available.
The game is available in English, Spanish & Catalan and it can be played with a Commodore 64 or an emulator and you have all the information in this links:
English: https://commodore-plus.itch.io/the-smiths-are-dead-en-c64-oric
Spanish: https://commodore-plus.itch.io/los-smiths-estn-muertos-es-c64-oric
Catalan: https://commodore-plus.itch.io/los-smiths-estn-muertos-cat-c64-oric

The game is a text adventure in which you put yourself in the skin of Morrissey and covers the period between the separation of The Smiths and the release of Viva Hate.
The plot: You are Morrissey and Gail, your manager, has lost the Suedehead sheet music which is divided into 4 pieces. You must travel and gather them to be able to record your first single.

You can download the game completely free of charge




A small physical edition has also been made for collectors:



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Vic 20->C64->Amiga myself.
Thank God for back up boards & twin cassettes...
Wow!! This is simply brilliant!

Sadly for me I can't make it work. I downloaded the emulator and cartridge, choose the language, the intro plays but I can't do nothing after that, only the keyboard arrows work but I can't get the game to start, nowhere to type in the commands. Any help?
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Blimey - what next - how about a Sega Megadrive platform game based around the cancelled 'Classically Smiths' tour of 2018? :unsure:
Two arguably complementary side orders, recently added to the Strange,,, thread, one derivative article about why Morrissey left the Smiths to go solo:

and the other using the example of the Morrissey singer in a tribute band to explain how AI and robots work - https://www.wired.com/story/ai-diplomacy-robots/

Hats off for creativity and fun! :tiphat:
I stopped reading the Wired article at "Aligned himself with white supremacists". Where do these morons get this garbage? He briefly supported a party that was supposedly a little right wing so he's a white supremacist?????!?!! My head just exploded.
Though strictly a ZX Spectrum girl back in the day, I must say it's a brilliant idea to create an 8-bit adventure game around The Smiths!

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