"The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mine)

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    The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series - Passions Just Like Mine

    Often imitated, never matched, The Smiths have grown to be one of Britain's most influential groups, and Morrissey one of the world's most influential and controversial recording artists.

    To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Smiths' debut album and Morrissey's 55th anniversary, Warmer-Rhino-Universal is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Smiths and Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series.

    As an extension to the Complete Smiths reissue programme of 2011 and Morrissey's recent reissue campaign, the Legacy Reissue Series will see the long-awaited release of previously unavailable songs, studio outtakes, alternate versions and concerts. It will be available for pre-order from 01.04.2014 and will be released on 31.04.2014.

    Every studio album by Morrissey and the Smiths, as well as key compilations and live albums have been remastered and augmented with contemporary unreleased music and live concerts. Every reissued title will be made available in three variations: Legacy Edition, Deluxe Legacy Edition and Legacy Boxset. Also available is "Staged: Morrissey Live 1991-2009", a compilation of six previously unreleased concerts on 4 CDs + 2 DVDs or 4 LPS + 2 DVDs, only released as a boxset.

    The Smiths material has been remastered by Johnny Marr in 2011 or JG Wilson in 2014.

    The Morrissey material from 1988 to 1997 has been remastered between 2009 and 2014 by Bill Inglot, Tibor Pecsi, Dan Hersch, John Davis, Stephen Street or JG Wilson.


    The Deluxe Legacy Edition of Hatful Of Hollow includes:

    I Want A Boy For My Birthday (Spirit Studios demo) / Miserable Lie (Drone Studios full length demo) / I Misses You (instrumental demo) / Fast One (instrumental demo) / Don't Blow Your Own Horn (home demo) / A Matter Of Opinion (rehearsal demo) / What Do You See In Him? (rehearsal/demo) / This Night Has Opened My Eyes (unreleased studio version) / This Charming Man (Amanda Malone version) / Girl Afraid (Amanda Malone version)

    The Deluxe Legacy Edition of Strangeways, Here We Come includes:

    (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I (unfinished outtake) / You Don't Know Anything (unfinished)

    The Deluxe Legacy Edition of Viva Hate includes:

    I Don't Want Us To Finish

    The Deluxe Legacy Edition of Vauxhall And I includes:

    Sharp Bend, Fast Car, Goodbye

    The Deluxe Legacy Edition of Southpaw Grammar includes:

    You Should Have Been Nice To Me (demo) / Glass Menagerie

    The Deluxe Legacy Edition of Maladjusted includes:

    Hanratty / I'm Not Worth Hitting / I Know Who I Love / The Leeches Go On Removing / Nightmare

    The Deluxe Legacy Edition of Years Of Refusal includes:

    I'm Looking Forward To Going Back / I Was Bully Do Not Forget Me / The Longer I Live / When I Was Young / Teresa,Teresa

    UPDATE Feb. 18:
    As noted by several people in the comments, the release is an early April Fools' Day joke.

    UPDATE Feb. 20:
    Just added to the description:

    Okay, there is no such thing as a Legacy Reissue Series. But the back catalogue of other artists have been treated this way, it's nice to dream about seeing something similar for the Morrissey and Smiths back catalogues. What would be the ultimate Morrissey or Smiths reissue?. Taking it to the extreme, ignoring the fact that the material belongs to different labels and that some of it is not even in the hands of record labels, here's my take on what the ultimate reissue programme could look like.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by Ryan, Feb 18, 2014.

    1. Jamie
      Re: Legacy Reissues (via PJLM)

      Refer to the pre-order date and "release date." Then wait for it. If that fails, consult a calendar.
    2. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Re: Legacy Reissues (via PJLM)

      Oh. My. Fucking. God. I'm going to go broke.
    3. Jamie
      Re: Legacy Reissues (via PJLM)

      Unless there really is a "2014.04.31" or that is a typo, I think you're fine.
    4. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Re: Legacy Reissues (via PJLM)

      Oh. Hmm. I see.

      I guess that makes Stephane either horrible with dates or a liar.
    5. Bluebirds
      Re: Legacy Reissues (via PJLM)

      This is the one occasion I'm glad my post "timed out".

      - - - Updated - - -

      What about 2014/02/29?
    6. celibate
      very nice, but before I pre-order on april fools day, I want to know about the price

      it's a nice birthday present for meself

      'and they know he's mentall' ... Dutch on the outside, money on my bankacount
    7. Oso Blanco
      Oso Blanco
      Re: Article: "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mi

      Let me be the first to call bullshit ...
    8. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mi

      What are the Prices of each item/Box Set???
    9. Stoned
      Very nice indeed but....worried about how much the whole thing will cost.....

      Cheers Moz
    10. Stoned
      Also , if I may say, Your Arsenal is getting reissued in a week and than it will be reissued again end of April...Legagy Edition fair enough but....

      Cheers Moz
    11. Oso Blanco
      Oso Blanco
      Re: Article: "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mi

      It's a hoax, people ... they will never, ever release such a complete collection! This sounds too much like a fanboy's wet dream to be true!
    12. mywar
      Yeah this seems legit.
    13. Life_Is_A_Pigsty
      I think the pre-order date gives it away but why bother with an April Fools in February
    14. Tom
      Re: Article: "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mi

      It certainly has hoax written all over it. Whoever put this together knows their stuff when it comes to unreleased songs from each album and many of the unreleased tracks had been prepared for projects in the past (that ended up being scrapped). However, it veers too heavily into wet dream territory and goes too far over the top to be taken seriously. Firstly, Moz would never allow his solo work to be released side by side with material from The Smiths. In addition to that, the material crosses over so many different labels and licensing deals, it would make it nearly impossible to compile officially.

      Also, many of the unreleased songs listed never made it past the rough demo stage and didn't have vocals recorded for them ("I'm Not Worth Hitting") being one. Also, some concerts listed as DVDs were never filmed professionally such as Birmingham November 1995 or Boston 97 (plus Moz hated that short-lived Bowie tour, why would he authorize a gig from it to be released?). Unless of course the set is offering poor quality bootlegs as bonus DVDs, which would be highly suspicious.

      At the very least, this is some fan-made unauthorized collection (pulled from various inside sources) or someone is just showcasing what could be possible if Moz ever decided to give his fans something really special.
    15. the_kaz
      1. Why is this massive news being broken on Passions Just Like Mine, rather than Ture-To-You, or a major news outlet?

      2. If this is real (and I very much doubt that it is), it implies Morrissey's input or, at the very least, consent. But why would he encourage us to buy new Smiths material after spending years telling us not to contribute to their royalties?

      3. Why would Morrissey willingly undercut his strange and criticised remaster programme of solo albums by agreeing to allow these re-masters that people actually want to see so soon after his own?

      4. Why release them all on the same day instead of spreading them out so people can afford them and retailers can properly stock them?

      No doubt, this is crap. But the real question is why a respectable website like Passions is pushing it? (And it isn't even 1st April.)
    16. leedoggpimp
      It's best to wait for an official press release before getting all excited. Seems a bit sketchy as morrissey has always tried to block his unreleased work from getting out to the public.

      I wish davidt would stop posting things without credible sources
    17. Oso Blanco
      Oso Blanco
      Re: Article: "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mi

      Who knows who posted this on PJLM and if Stephane even knows about it. As far as I know he pretty much retired from his website and left some other poeple in charge.
    18. 2-J
      If a diehard and educated (so knows what rare stuff is 'out there') fan was tasked with making 'dream' packages for the albums, this is what they would come up with, I presume.

      Almost seems too good to be true, but it will be cool if it is true.
    19. billybu69
      If it's a hoax someone went to an awful lot of trouble.

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