The Smiths A-Z: "Wonderful Woman"

Famous when dead


3:07 (Single version - Porter)
3:04 (Jensen Session - Griffin)
3:20 (Troy Tate studio - Tate)
3:18 (Troy Tate outtake - Tate)


"The lyrics evolved over a six-month period, beginning under the title of ‘What Do You See In Him?’, a different narrative where Morrissey vents equal parts grief and envy that the woman he desires is with somebody else (‘When will you ever learn?’). The song went through several drafts and, under the same working title, was debuted at The Smiths’ second concert in January 1983. Five months later, it had mutated into ‘Wonderful Woman’ with only the line ‘ice water for blood’ rescued from the original sketch of ‘What Do You See In Him?’"

Played ~12 times by The Smiths.
Never played by Morrissey.

Is it about Linder?
Much like "when will this A-Z ever end?" - I dunno. 🤷‍♂️

I love his voice on this / these. And Johnny's guitar.

And the way he sings that bit at the end: "And when she calls, I / Do not walk, I run..." just conveys so much.
I love both versions, but I wish he'd kept the draft.
"She will plague you and I will be glad", God that's brilliant.

Strange that it's described as “What Do You See in Him?” when he’s singing "What do you see in Her". He changed the gender and then changed it back again for 'Wonderful Woman'?

Anyway, hypnotic.
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