The Smiths A-Z: "Death of a Disco Dancer"


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I prefer the demo version as that version is the one I chose for my ‘work playlist’…I’m sure Larry who sits next to me is quite annoyed at me whistling along w Morrissey at the end.

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Never ever been a fan of this one. I love that they tried to experiment, but the end result is not really captivating.


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I thought they always refererend to the recording of this album as their most enjoyabl studio experience. Of course, the thought of another tour had become unbearable for JM at this point.
That's something I'm curious about. I seem to recall back when I first read books about The Smiths in the early 90s that the perception was that the Strangeways recording sessions were tense and even the title "Strangeways, Here We Come" was an acknowledgment of that (yes, I know Strangeways is a prison). Then it seems in more recent years I'm reading that the sessions were enjoyable and not at all tense. Johnny has said as much and maybe even Morrissey as well? Is it a case of outsiders assuming things must have been tense since the band split up shortly after?
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