The Smiths - a tribute - timelines as transport map (Proofspirit)

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    The Smiths – a tribute - Proof Spirit
    BY AIDEN ⋅ MAY 13, 2013

    t was thirty years ago that a band from Manchester released their first single ‘Hand In Glove’. For the next four years they released the songs that made me laugh, made me cry and definitely changed my life even if they maybe didn’t save it. I’m not going to try and tell you how great they were – either you already know or my words won’t persuade you. However, to me, they are in a class of their own and no band can ever touch them. This is my tribute. So thank you, to Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce: The Smiths.

    UPDATE 16th May – Since posting this piece I have had many enquiries about possible prints – I am looking into it now and hope to be able to bring you news very soon. I’ll announce any developments here and also on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for all the comments and to everyone who has shared this.

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    1. celibate
      wonderfull way to make a sorta tubeday schedule, with all Smiths albums and their songs,
      it would be great if you can get some sound by some 'stations'

      Great ,well done and the way you made it's a piece of art in Smithstory

      Hope you can work out some details as you written, my compliments for you.
    2. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      That's very nice. Good work.
    3. Anonymous
      This is an nice idea, certainly in no way original, but nice. The title is the only bit I don't like: the words, the font or the logo. I can think of many, many people who would want this adorning their walls. I could be persuaded myself, maybe?
    4. Chip
      I would love a poster of that.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      This is kinda cool, actually. I'd hang that on a wall.
    6. Anonymous
      I think this is really well done! In reference to your comment about the title: I believe it is a clever use of Transport for Greater Manchester's name, font and logo. Have a look at to see what I mean. Take a look at the route map to see how good this really is!
    7. MozAngeles818
      Someone sent me this earlier this morning!
      It's really awesome
    8. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I love seeing such devoted and thoroughly polished works of art as this.
      The love and skill required is awesome.
      I've lurked round this site for years and seldom comment and recent 'bickering' and general negativity has made me want to say even less, but when this site works well and good things get shared and feedback is constructive - it restores my faith a bit!
      Kudos to the creator - a print of this would look wonderful framed.
      Kind regards,

      Just noticed the colour coding too - genius!
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    9. realitybites
      Love it. Great job.
    10. Anonymous
      how about offering a quality print through a crowdfunding site? People pay £xx and receive a print in return.

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