The Smiths - 1983-02-04 - Hacienda - Manchester England


Remaster by Christian Silas

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General steps taken:

1. Extracted video footage from all eight VOB files with Handbrake v. 1.1.0

2. Combined all eight MP4 files with Davinci Resolve v. 14

3. Extracted audio and removed hiss with Audacity v. 2.2.2

4. Recombined de-hissed audio to video with MKVToolNix v. 21.0.0

5. Cropped out most VHS artifacts and enhanced audio with Davinci Resolve v. 14

6. Finished final encoding with Handbrake v. 1.1.0


The Smiths

4 February 1983

Hacienda, Manchester

1. These Things Take Time

2. What Difference Does It Make?

3. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

4. Handsome Devil

5. Jeanne

6. Wonderful Woman

7. Hand In Glove

8. Miserable Lie

1st generation video cassette > JVC DR-MH200 DVD Video Recorder > TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0 > VSO DivxToDVD

I obtained the vid of the three Hacienda performance from 1983 via eBay back in 2006. Happened upon it quite by chance and bizarrely nobody else bid on it!

The seller said she was selling it on behalf of her father who was a friend of Johnny Marr. Johnny had given her father the video way back when. I believe the majority of Hacienda gigs were professionally filmed during the mid eighties with cameras rigged up on either side of the stage - these are certainly not audience recordings - and of course a number of these recordings have been commerically released - The Fall; Gun Club; Cabaret Voltaire etc.

Never quite sure why it's taken so long to get round to upping it here and on Dime. Steven deserves the credit for all the technical stuff

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