The Smiths - 1983-02-04 - Hacienda - Manchester England - Silas Remaster Version 2


A few years ago I was approached by a hardcore Smiths fan to remaster four Smiths shows. These have come to be known as Silas Remasters. They are as follows:

• The Smiths - 1983-02-04 - Hacienda - Manchester England
• The Smiths - 1984-05-04 - Rockpalast - Hamburg Germany
• The Smiths - 1986-10-23 - Kilburn National Ballroom - London England
• The Smiths - 1986-12-12 - Brixton Academy - London England

I was provided the closest to original sources as possible by the aforementioned fan. So, technically, these aren't remasters unless I had access to the original sources.

In the ensuing years I’ve learned a lot more about using Fairlight to improve audio recordings.

Thus, I’ve decided to revisit the shows listed above and create improved versions of each one.

The Smiths - 1983-02-04 - Hacienda - Manchester England - SRV2

1. These Things Take Time
2. What Difference Does It Make?
3. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
4. Handsome Devil
5. Jeanne
6. Wonderful Woman
7. Hand In Glove
8. Miserable Lie

I’ll be working to complete the Rockpalast show over the next several days.
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