"The Smiths – The Day I Was There" forthcoming book by Richard Houghton - article in Lancashire Post

Were you there when Morrissey and The Smiths rocked Lancashire - Lancashire Post

The Smiths were one of the best loved bands of the 1980s.
Now a new book is set to look back at their famous live dates and the author needs your help to capture their Lancashire dates, as Mike Hill reports.


"Memories of their live dates are the stuff of musical legend and they played in Lancashire several times in their career. These recollections are to be captured in a new book, and a Manchester music historian wants to hear from fans who saw any of their Lancashire appearances to help him compile a ‘people’s history’ of the band. The Smiths, led by charismatic gladioli-clutching singer Morrissey and guitar-slinging sidekick Johnny Marr, performed four shows in Lancashire, appearing at Blackburn, Blackpool, Lancaster and Preston in the space of just over three years. Writer Richard Houghton, who has compiled similar fan histories on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, is hoping to hear from people who witnessed any of these shows."

To Help:
Richard’s book, The Smiths – The Day I Was There, is due to be published next summer. If you have any memories, photographs or ticket stubs from The Smiths’ Lancashire gigs Richard would love to hear from you and they may be featured in his book. Richard can be contacted at [email protected]

An article looking for help and a summary of some Smiths gigs in Lancashire.
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Famous when dead

If people can't view this article Stateside - please let me know and I'll reproduce the whole thing here.


on a similar theme

reported in our local newspaper here in Wales when the smiths played Newport Centre 1986 when Morrissey ended up in the A and E department in the Royal Gwent hospital


I was at this gig too when the Mozzzer was pulled into the crowd by the newport ruffians -! Half way through the set and was injured in the aftermath

still gots lots of photo's from that night maybe one day i will release to the world !
I was at that gig too it was mayhem after - people trying to trash the band's equipment, pulling it off the stage etc


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no it wasn't allie walls . just over zealous fans pulling him into the crowd and he went arse over tit . i was only about 10 yards away when this happened and i actually helped the security try to prevent a crush . it was very hostile for about 20 minutes after with fans pulling down amps and speakers in the melee that followed .

going to concerts back then was very full on not like the snowflakes that attend these days . life was very different back then


Newport was a strange one.
I'd seen them on consecutive nights at Cardiff and Swansea in September 84. The Cardiff gig remains the best concert I've be ever been to, and I've been hundreds.
Hopes were high for Newport. Outside the venue and prior to the concert, I found a gold ring. Just as I was picking it up, the doors of a nearby coach hissed open and and the band emerged. We were very close and I got a taxi cab card signed by Morrissey. I tried handing him the ring and asking if he could do a call out in the gig, but they were now being seriously jostled and were lead quickly away.
I think they were about a third of the way through the set when Morrissey got dragged off and took the tumble. The band played a couple of instrumentals and then announcement was made that the show was over. This was greeted by a mini-riot, and I think a couple of arrests were made because of fights between fans and security. It was good to get away.
I handed the ring in to reception at the Leisure Centre. I've still got the taxi card, it's tucked inside a framed Queen is Dead poster.

paul drew

I went to the smiths gig in Ipswich in 1985 with my best mate who sadly was killed 5 years later he got me into the smiths in the early days. I remember when Morrissey came out on stage keith my mate said he means bussiness tonight hes got the ol gladioli in his back pocket it was a good night.

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