The Smiths – Live aus der Markthalle Hamburg 1984 (Limited Edition 12-Inch Album on 180g Grey Marble Vinyl)

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Not seen anything about this. Coda Records are doing a pressing of The Smiths’ first German show.

This is a pre-order title - stock expected 22nd September 2023.

This hand-numbered album is limited to just 250 copies.

Pressed on stunning heavyweight marble vinyl, this release showcases the Smiths’ triumphant concert at Hamburg’s Markthalle, on 4 June 1984.

Featured here are a number of the Smiths’ most iconic songs such as Hand in Glove, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, This Charming Man, Still Ill, This Night Has Opened My Eyes, Handsome Devil and more.

The band and particularly Morrissey were on incredible form. Despite this being the Smiths’ first gig in Germany, the concert was an overwhelming success, with the band performing three encores.
Track Listing

Side One

  1. Hand in Glove
  2. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
  3. Girl Afraid
  4. This Charming Man
  5. Pretty Girls Make Graves
  6. Still Ill
  7. Barbarism Begins at Home
  8. This Night Has Opened My Eyes
Side Two
  1. Miserable Lie
  2. You’ve Got Everything Now
  3. Handsome Devil
  4. What Difference Does It Make
  5. These Things Take Time (Encore)
  6. This Charming Man (Encore)
  7. Barbarism Begins at Home (Encore)
Hmm, is it the live FM Broadcast of the show? There are quite a few LP pressings out there from different sources with the FM broadcast. I have one of them but not this one. Nice recording of the show

The source site's marketing:

"FM broadcasts & public domain not available for all territories - especially USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, ..."

So basically just like all the other companies using radio sources and attaching them to gimmick vinyl (the legalities of this are still probably something the band could have an issue with).
There's many variations of this gig in the drive collection (my suspicious side says they actually source the shows from there). I believe it was already released once in 2022 (clear vinyl on this occasion - same company) and lack the energy to see if they've churned it out before then.
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