The size of Morrissey's London fan base, and the demand for tickets

Maurice E

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Morrissey's London fan base (or at least the number of people who'd want to go and see him live) is roughly about 12-15,000 depending on his profile at any particular time, and how long it's been since he last toured.
One night at the Academy and one at the Palladium equals about 7,500 tickets so these dates will inevitably sell out pretty quickly, and the sneaky internet touts will be able to make a profit on E-bay.
However, with any luck, a second date will be announced for Brixton. This will probably sell out but quite slowly, and E bay tickets will then be going for around face value.
So, the moral of the story is ... let's hope another night at Brixton is announced!

Virgil Tracy

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There will be no problem getting tickets for either. The touts are a problem and things like the O2 priorty doesn't help because touts can buy a few pay-as-you-go sim cards and get access to tickets before the general public.

There will be a scrabble for tickets tomorrow morning but getting one in the next few weeks won't be a problem (and normally for less than face). Not sure that there are 10-12,000 people that would go to see him. Especially as his core demographic gets older.

Saying that, I expect another London date to be added.


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You're right, I just hope he NEVER plays the O2.

Keep it at these great venues!


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I think the Palladium may sell out quickly and tickets on the stalls will be on ebay for quite a lot, but back rows and balcony will be a lot cheaper as touts may not be able to sell. Only 1 month notice will restrict a lot of the buying public and I can't imagine the Brixton academy selling out for real. Needless to say I'm going to both!
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