The Sisters Of Mercy - We're very much involved in writing the new material.

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The Sisters Of Mercy are currently on tour in the USA and will do a big European tour, starting beginning 2009. We had the chance to have an interview with lead-guitarist Ben Christo about the past, present and future of one of the most important bands in the alternative scene ever... (By DJ Wildhoney / Picture by Andreas Schinski)

SL: You seem to be a very busy guy. Not only playing lead-guitar with The Sisters Of Mercy on tours around the world, but you are also involved in other activities like acting, DJ-ing, playing with bands like Ayin Aleph, Lingo Scott and Sybreed ... Do you still find time to do everything?

BC: Yeah, the time's balanced pretty well - The Sisters Of Mercy work in intense pockets of activity... and then we have a good few months to pursue other projects.

SL: Tell us the story: how did you become guitarist of The Sisters Of Mercy? Or did you perhaps just do an audition in secret without knowing for which band at all?

BC: It was a little like that. All I can say is that it was a very bizarre experience - and not the band I was expecting...

SL: How could you convince Andrew Eldritch to play in the band Claytown Troupe as support for... The Mission?

BC: Very easily. He had absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. If there is any Mission/Sisters rivalry it exists purely between the fans.

SL: Tell us some of your all-time favourite records you play on parties as a DJ...

BC: Here is my list:
  • Killing Joke - Eighties
  • Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name
  • Firehouse - All She Wrote
  • The Cure - Fascination Street

SL: Your band Night By Night has clearly some 80's-metal influences. Is there a big contrast between your love for this music and playing with The Sisters Of Mercy?

BC: In some ways. The Sisters Of Mercy have taught me the value of space and finding one's place within the 'engine' of the music. Hitherto, I had a proclivity for making every track I wrote a showcase for guitar prowess... rather than embracing the importance of THE SONG. I now understand that it's cool for there to be no guitars for an entire section! Eighties Rock is just one strand. I have a huge love for darker music - Depeche Mode, Killing Joke etc. In Night by Night we try to combine the anthemic and melodic qualities of acts such as Def Leppard and The Cult with the introspection and anxiety of the likes of The Cure and Depeche Mode...

SL: So when will there be a first release and big tour of Night By Night?

BC: We're looking at some festival dates and tours for 2009. Debut album around summer. Our EP can be purchased from our Myspace page (

SL: And, euh, any idea when we finally can see a new release of The Sisters Of Mercy? The updated versions of some old songs and the previously never released new songs as "Susanne", "Summer", "Romeo Down", "Crash And Burn" are surely already classics for the (still hugh) fanbase worldwide...

BC: No idea. Sorry!

SL: Most of the people at town-festivals like Suikerrock (B) only know classics like "Alice" or "Temple Of Love". Is this not frustrating to play for such an audience?

BC: No, it's fantastic, because those songs are so well-written that they will always be fun to play. The enjoyment is fortified ten-fold by the crowd's energy in response to these well-loved tracks.

SL: Which songs do you like to perform most live and why?

BC: "Alice", "When You Don't See Me", "Something Fast", "Giving Ground", "Logic"... because I've loved these tracks since I was 13 years old, listening to them on the school bus! "Susanne" and "Summer" because the riffs are so well-written. Eldritch and Pearson, or so I believe.

SL: How deep are you involved in writing new material? In which way did you put your stamp on The Sisters Of Mercy since you joined the band in 2006 and what about the future?

BC: We're very much involved in writing the new material. I like to think that Chris and I have brought a youthful exuberance to the band. It's less morose and more energetic. I find the live performance incredibly cathartic, it really means something to me... and I hope that's communicated in the live performance.


sweet man! thank you so much for posting this. i'm going to see them again in seattle this month. huzzah!


saw them on Halloween. whoever said before that they overdo the fog machine was right. also, i was mad they didnt play "This Corrosion." other than that, it was a fun show. :)


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i was ALMOST there, but being Halloween and all i did the trick or treating thing with the kiddies...if it was ANY other day i would've been there. how was the Philly crowd?


i was ALMOST there, but being Halloween and all i did the trick or treating thing with the kiddies...if it was ANY other day i would've been there. how was the Philly crowd?

oh hey! it wasnt bad. it wasnt crowded at all first, but then it got pretty full. i was up in the balcony, all the way on the right, facing the stage. looking down at the crowd, they werent that rowdy, some of the people in the front were dancing a bit. the friend that was with me, thats her fav band, so she was FREAKING, kinda like alot of us do during a Moz show, it was cute! im not a huge fan, I like a bunch of their songs though, and it was perfect to see them on Halloween and with my friend. :) sorry you missed it! :(

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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they play the day after my b-day at the warfield :eek:
let's see, i get payed again friday, i hope i can buy one then :confused:

ps: i did not realize seeker was into goth :)


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Looking forward to the European tour and the new material. :) Oh, it was one of my fav bands back in my goth chick days. :o

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